Does Reyna need a buff?

EDIT: So in the past day or two my Reyna game has seriously improved and I take back a lot of what I said below. I’m really not sure what exactly it is that’s changed but I won’t bore anyone with getting into that. The point is, now that I’ve gotten the hang of her I’d say she’s actually in a decent spot except for her ult. That ult really still needs some work. Perhaps leave it as-is but add an effect so that any enemies inside the shield are “marked” as if it hit by priority target while allies inside the shield get a damage reduction buff?

I’ll leave the original post below simply for posterity’s sake.

P.S. Take the homing helix, if you’re reading this and are new to Reyna, just take the homing helix. Unless you’re an amazing shot, I’m not.

I’ve been playing Reyna (I’m like rank 8 or 9 with her), working on getting to mastery with her. I have to say that compared to other supports, she just seems a bit underwhelming. Miko can keep up a constant heal which helps keep people on the front lines. Reyna’s overshield just doesn’t last very long and is pretty easy to pop. You’re supposed to be able to charge it with plasma pulse but I have a hard time noticing that having any effect.

Her priority target is cool but compared to Alani’s geyser, seems subpar. The geyser weakens people and makes them super easy to attack since it holds them in the air. Someone hit with priority target can always retreat to cover or behind minions.

Her damage output is pretty low although honestly I don’t mind this, as a support her damage output should be low. Overall, I just feel like Miko and Alani seem to be the better supports. Heals seem better than shields and their ultimates seem a lot more useful too. Too many things go through Reyna’s ult and people can always just waltz right into it and melee you.

I’ll keep playing Reyna and maybe given more time I’ll change my mind. Right now it just seems like she could use a bit of a buff to put her more in line with other supports.

I think Reyna is fine as she is (I’m a fan of Reyna, she’s my first Battleborn character that I have mastered :smiley: )

Reyna isn’t a big damage dealer at all, she won’t rack up kills like other characters but she is cracking at supporting others and allowing them to get kills. Having said that, you can increase her damage output by using the Slazer Thermokinetics (Increases the damage dealt by Laser Pistol based on the heat level of Plasma Pulse) helix mutation which gives up to 50% more damage. You just have to get used to keep firing the Plasma Pulse as well as the Laser Pistol.

I also use The Best Defense (Each Shield Booster overshield increases all damage dealt by the wearer until it expires or greaks. +16% Damage Amplification) which also applies to Reyna (as she gets a shield too) and various other damage amplification helix upgrades.

I hardly ever use the plasma pulse charge to other player’s overshields, it’s never seemed to do much good (though it will be beneficial to use with her legendary as it will give them health too as well as an overshield top-up).

I think Reyna’s weakest thing is her ultimate. Apart from the Blunderdome (Disables the shields of all enemies within Photonic Ward’s area of effect.) helix choice, it just seems that initially pushing enemies out and blocking incoming/outgoing enemy fire for 6 seconds is a bit weak. It doesn’t last long and enemies can simply walk through the dome (so if you’re inside and they get close they can still shoot you inside it or they can walk outside it and shoot you if you have exited the dome). Making the dome impenetrable by anything for a short period would seem to be better.

Yeah, I find I have to build Reyna carefully because the plus damage on plasma pulse heat level helix is nice. But then that makes it so that I don’t want to take the unlimited plasma pulse while failsafe is up helix. I’m also really torn between the homing plasma pulse and slow helix choices, both are good.

Her ult is definitely the weakest part of her kit. I wish they’d do something to improve it.

Yeah, that is a disadvantage re the unlimited plasma pulse and the extra laser damage based on plasma pulse heat but it does work when not overshielding others.

I always take the homing plasma, I never thought the 3 seconds slow was worth it. It means I don’t have to aim really when using it and it will still hit the enemy after they have just turned a corner (assuming it’s not to sharp an angle). Plus of course if they priority target is in with a bunch of others you know your shots are going to hit them rather than those around them (unless they are completely blocked, of course).

“Screw you, Rath!”

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I have played her with a kit that adds more damage, crit power and cool downs and took the flat damage increases for all of her helix and as long as I could tag a bad guy, melt the sheild and get those sweet crits she could tear it up 1v1. The slow really helps with getting crits. But I always felt this was a desperate pick.,-1,0,-1,-1,-1,1,1,-1,0,

My build for maxed out damage buffs and support, as gear:
Vow of Vengeance (+10% AP / + 6% AS)
Wristblade (+10% AS)
SpecOps Watch (-7% CDR in general, additional 5% when i get CC’d)

(Usually I take the +16% DMG Shield buff, the heal only when i’m the only supporter)

Her overshield non-upgraded should at least be as powerful as a pickup-overshield and she should be able to akimbo.


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Yeah and she could carry a massive bomb she throws at her enemys… a pickup overshield may have more capacity, but thats basically the only advantage to reynas overshields, it gives you either a decent heal or an (up to) 14 seconds +16% damage buff, it comes all (cdr gear) 10 seconds or just in the moment you need it the most, plus, she can charge it and (with her legendary) heals in the process, both you and your mate!

Yeah, but in order to do all that you need some levels and shards first. Many other chars go into the match with much better default abilities.
And some of the things you mentioned, like the 14 seconds duration should be built in and helix used for other, more variating stuff.

For instance? Miko’ selfheal and heal ability is (on the first few levels) only useful when you’re not beeing attacked, so you and/or yozr designated heal target have to flee back to base in order to be healed fully, espcially in his beginning phase he cannot heal the dmg input given by, lets say, orendi, rath, galilea etc, so, eather you flee to heal or you both will die.
Kleese? He’s not a bad healer if you know how to play him, but in the beginning his only mentionable “heal” comes from his rifts, and they only heal shields ( on low lvl), shields are depleted really really fast, with reyna i can nuke out kleese wherever he’s hiding, even if he’s in the middle of his rifts, the plasma cannon melts down his shields faster than his rifts can recharge it.
Ambra? Yeah, until a few levels her only heal ability are her sunspots, which can’t stand an attack for more than 5 seconds, even if they are hidden and not attacked they heal how much? 200hp?

I’ve mastered Reyna and Miko, I’m lvl 8 with ambra now, from this three reyna is most effective saviour in the beginning phase, from further levels on it turns that miko heals more value and moresteady, ambra gets bigger sunspots and can transfer life to allys, reyna gets a bigger and more powerful shield, as soon as you have “The best Defense” shieldupgrade you turn into an supporting predator, with a mich higher damage output than miko and ambra together

I play and am playing both characters by far the same amount (level 11/12). Miko is far more potent during the first few levels.

  1. At first level the 100% slow increase on her spore is totally worth it. Reyna has no control or AoE at that time btw.
  2. At second level she can spread her Biosynthesis among others around her within a respectable radius.
    Having Biosynthesis and healing beam simultaneously affecting an ally outclasses any 225 points overshield, which at this point still comes with a far too long cooldown and too short duration. Further Reyna is not much sturdier than Miko (and latter got regeneration, which stacks with Biosynthesis).
  3. Later levels will not make it any better for Reyna.

Instead of giving her some plain, stupid bonuses for her Overshield (Like Vigilance and Long Watch) in order to become a somewhat competitive feature, it should have these values by default, leaving her Helix for more innovative choices, like:

Instead of applying overshield her command glove now applies cloaking on herself and her target. Attacking breaks the effect, but the first attack done deals 25% more damage.

Instead of an overshield her command cloak now applies a significant increase in both attack and reload speed to her and her target.

Also her ULT should be 10 seconds and moving with her by default, while the Helix should be altered to provide a 50-75% damage reflection ability instead.

Ambra has been nerfed to oblivion and Kleese has several flaws, namely his rifts are more useful when used offensively instead of defensively. His healing chair should at least provide 1/5 of the healing done to himself as well. I actually prefer the +10 energy increase.

Reyna doesn’t need control if everyone else has them, why does every hero needs cc anyway? She provides with her damage boosts (prio!) more support than a stupid slow effect for 1-3 seconds could ever do…
I agree fully that her ulti is way to underpowered, the idea with the damage reflection is nice too, haven’t even thought about that, i was thinking about that it just needs to be impenetrable, i mean for enemy heros and like orendis SFP and stuff, but i think there are a lot of jerks out there who’ll find a way to exploit it for unfair behaviour…sort of…

Miko may be a more potent healer, of course, he’s a designated healer, thats his purpose, sure you can make a damage built for him, but who needs a average damage dealer if he could be a first class healer? Reyna is both, she doesn’t need a special built to play her role, she’s from lvl 1 on an average DD, which turns into first class the more levels you gain, her healing capabilities aren’t gaining strength as fast as her damage capabilities, but they do get stronger, its not only the 225 overshield your mate gets, its 225 overshield + 120 shield and (if skilled) +290HP, so basically her target can “swallow” about 635 damage more, the healing and overshield value raises with her level, so this is an example just for her first phase. And theres one big advantage to miko, he maybe heal more yes, but only over time! Reynas 635 pts come instant! Life saver ftw! Theres only one hero who can take competition with reyna in the matter healspeed, alani! But only if her osmosis is fully charged…

Miko is a she. The name is based on Japanese, where names ending with an “o”- vowel/syllable regularly indicate a female. Further it is a pun portending to Myco like in mycotic infection.

You are clearly underestimating Miko, as you are only seeing her heal skills separately, while she is actually able to combine them. The potency of her healing beam and Biosynthesis increase over the levels as well, And her ULT, if played out well, is far more useful, when placed right. Put it at corners in cover, while it’s radius still stands out. It will dish out tons of health, if seen and used by your allies. Especially ranged characters can profit a lot of it. Having Biosynthesis hit only 2 other of your buddies is already a good trade. Hitting all while the mushroom is out, is insane.

Only a 3 second-slow with the spore? Not after lvl 4, where you can make it leave a trail along it’s trajectory. That’s actually the real deal. Throw in either an increase in diameter (better for hordes) or a duration buff (I prefer the first actually) you’ve nailed your targets for quite a bit longer than only 3 seconds, especially when you throw the spore over them. Place it over a damaging mushroom ULT for quite some fun.

Further it does not feel very comforting relying solely on others to provide several abilities like AoE or CC. Reyna’s damage boost is helping, especially on tough guys. But also people have to focus fire then. Again, too much reliance. Every character in Battleborn should also be able to work properly on his own. Kleese does that, Miko does that, Alani does that. Only Reyna is falling short. She can’t even use her command glove on herself alone, which especially sux in single player and can get annoying in Team PvE and PVP, too at certain circumstances.

Miko cooldown reduction skill is permanent, and does not rely on a skill (like failsafe) in order to be active. Especially bad when you can’t have failsafe.

Yes, Reyna and Alani are Burst Healers, but Reyna suffers from pretty long cooldowns, while Alani can build up Osmosis like mad (full recharge within less than 2 seconds with attack speed gear). Sinne her skills got nerfed, I prefer her +20% attack speed bonus along another +20% of attack speed gear over any skill cd reduction, which makes this happen easily. Not to mention placing a 30% damage reduction on your allies along with Wellspring’s heal. Reyna, even with stacked -cooldown gear can’t reach a “one Overshield per 2 seconds” ability.

Miko might not be bursting, but the ability to stack heals, AoE Healing (Biosynth, Mushroom), puts her way in front, and using +heal gear actually only makes sense on her.

Miko is an it. Or a they. Miko is a mushroom!

“The last surviving bud of a planet-spanning fungal colony, the otherworldly Miko is regarded as a capable “combat botanist”, healing and protecting its allies while hurling poison-tipped kunai at pretty much everything else.”

Though in my country, Miko is commonly a mans name. So you can’t really look at names for gender :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Miko’s style is Japanese (Kunai knives, her vestment)


It also is a Japanese term.

Miko is female, being a fungus or not.

Interesting discussion about it here! I also think I might have seen a dev address this in another topic. Couldn’t find it though, and I remember it being very vague.

Miko is neither a he, nor a she nor japanese, miko is a “they”, because they are many, they are connected with a whole planet which is a collective mind with all his inhabitants, from where miko was send to assist the eldrid and fight the darkness.

With the 3 seconds slow i was referring to Reynas slow ability, which was mentioned up above.

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Reyna’s slow truely is worthless, as it is competing with another vital helix option.

And even as a they Miko can be female (just a bunch of females). The name/term refers to a female, the voice refers to a female, her dress/style is very much influenced by Japanese, so what else do you need?

Or let me put it this way. Miko has a strong emphasis on female and Japanese.

The developers themselves state that Miko is an it and not a he or she. I think this trumps whatever you have to say about it.