Does Reyna need a buff?

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Why did this thread turn into a Miko discussion?

As to the OP…

I think Reyna DOES NOT need a buff at all. She’s an amazing support class, that later in the game can be pretty devastating to any opponent too. I’ve been playing her a lot this past week, and the better I get I realise just how good she is. No she doesn’t do big damage, but it’s the role you play in helping your team get the kill, push back the enemy, shield your team, heal your team. Just adding the Death Mark on an enemy and then shielding your team mate can be such important aspect.

Put it this way, in one game I had 1 kill, but 26 assists. My team was against a full pre-made level 100, with Worthy of Song on 3 of them. It felt like they were a proper competitive team in the first 10mins. But after hanging on for dear life, our team managed to push them back. The role I played in helping them probably won us a lot of kills, especially with El Dragon being our only pusher. We also had a great Alani player, so the combo was really powerful late game. We won, and was the toughest game I’ve had, but the most satisfying win to date.

Reyna + Alani is awesome support :wink:


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Yeah, I don’t know how things got sidetracked but I haven’t really been active trying to shepherd the conversation.

Reyna’s strength definitely lies in getting mondo assists and I often find the best way to play her is basically to find the best person on my team and stick to them like glue. I still feel she is a little underwhelming compared to other supports as heals just seem a lot stronger than her overshield and her ult is still disappointing in my book. Overall, do enjoy playing her though and am still working to master her.

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What a lousy thought-terminating cliche…

On topic, I think I have brought enough ideas, why Alani and Miko are outshining Reyna…even and especially late game.

She has an interesting design, and I like her a lot, but imho she is only halfway of what she could actually be without making her overpowered.

And the key to do this is to remove the simple Vigilance and Long Watch and grant those by default, make her ULT last longer and movable by default, too, while using the freed-up helix slots for some diverse and more intuitive features.


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Reyna isn’t that impressive as a support really.
She needs a lot of Qol and some of her helix buffed up and Gearbox needing to cement her a niche.


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The more I think about her the more I think she’s just not good as the only support on a team. Healers like Miko and Ambra can help keep your team in lane, Reyna can’t really do that. What she is great at though is helping secure kills. Between her overshield (and the damage buff mutation) and mark target, she can really help kills be landed. I find that I do best with Reyna when I attach myself to a player who is getting a lot of kills and just help them land those kills.

I appreciate the recent buff to her ult but still feel like it needs more. I was playing as Benedict against a Reyna and anytime she popped her ult I’d just waltz right in and start unloading rockets in her face. Got at least two kills that way. Her shield is just really underwhelming.


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But double support comps have several vulnerabilities and even then there are better second supports.



Then you were playing a low level Reyna. I love playing Reyna when there’s a Benedict on the other team. I haven’t played much Reyna since he was buffed, but pre-patch I would mark target the Bird and homing plasma the heck out of him until he resembled the Colonel’s finest fried poultry.

The best strat with the bubble is to pop it and retreat. Enemies can’t shoot in or out of it, but your team can shoot clean through. Standing in the bubble just invites trouble.


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Yeah, not the world’s greatest Reyna as she should have started retreating as soon as she saw me coming. It’s still just frustrating that a freaking force field you’d think you should be safe inside of, more than half the time ends up being a glorified wall or at best a quick knockback to get a Rath off of you so you can finish running away. I don’t like it but you’re 100% right, most of the time it’s best to pop the bubble and then run away.