Does RK-5 drop any legendaries?

I’ve literally farmed this dude like 70 times, with nothing. I’ve seen videos on YT of people getting like invader after invader and shams. Am I like on an old patch or something where he didn’t drop legendaries? Have I been crazy unlucky OR I’ve just been wasting time?

Nope. They must have played with mods cause RK5 drops nothing. He supposed to drop Invader but it’s bugged and was never fixed due to shutdown of 2K Australia.


If the players are on PC, it is likely they are using the Unofficial Community Patch while playing TPS. Most of the larger Borderlands streamers had complaints about Farming in TPS and stopped streaming it not very long after Claptastic Voyage was released.

The TPS Community Patch was the main thing that brought any of them back to that came because, as you saw, it added lots of dedicated drops and fixes one that were bugged.

Info for how to obtain and install it can be found on YT as well.