Does Shield penetration also apply against Sentries in Incursion?

Curious, but I’m in no position to test it at the time of this topic’s creation.

Nope. That shield fuctions as an extention of its heath pool.

Short answer: no. WF has a 100% shield pen helix on his ult that would just be broken if it affected the sentry shield. If you could, I imagine teams would build as much shield pen gear and helix options they could and cheese the sentry without too much hassle

Shield penetration was patched out of Incursion sentries. I did check with Oscar Mike and it did work originally but it got removed due to issues with Marquis. I don’t see why it can’t be re-introduced now the map has been redesigned to stop long range sentry sniping. Mind you, I’m happy with how it works now.

For the reasons mentioned above.