Does Shield Penetration Work On Sentries?

I read in another thread recently that BB got patched at some point so shield penetration doesn’t work on Sentries?

Is this true?

I seem to remember something of that nature happening. although not sure If it happened or not. Although it’d be kinda awesome if it wasn’t true. I can just imagine a level 10 whiskey with “what shields?” just rip through a sentry XD

Does not work. In incursion it would change shield pen from a rare usually not worth taking/specing into skill to basically broken

Shield pen used to work on sentries in the early access version of the game, which was exclusive to certain people (streamers, friends of 2K, or friends of the former). This was a few weeks before the open beta and I think it got patched before the open beta started, don’t quite remember.

edit: and yes, WF did tear through sentries with his ult. Which was pretty funny the first time we figured it out… but it didn’t stay very fun nor humorous for long.

Wait I was in the closed beta and it seemed like they just gave it to anybody

Shield pen doesn’t work but characters like kleese and WF who can get helixes that deal bonus damage to shields do bonus damage to sentry shields unless that has changed

Originally, the shield was as interactable as normal shields. Kleese could heal it, shield pen ripped through it, etc. They patched it early in beta I believe. Bonus damage (Reyna, Kleese, Bunker Buster) still applies

I think you are thinking of the CTT, not the Early Access. CTT had a sign up, early access I think was invite only.

Edit: Also correct me if I’m wrong but the CTT only had Meltdown and a story mission or two.

I thought it only had incursion? And yeah it only had algorithm too

CTT only had Meltdown (Paradise) and the first half of Algorithm.

It was definetly Meltdown in the CTT, I wouldn’t have purchased the game at all if my first experience with this game was Incursion. I do not like Spawn camp simulator 2000. I hated the open beta because the open beta was Incursion and they opened meltdown later.

Ah yeah now I remember