Does someone else feel like the enemy sometimes keeps a target lock on you even while invisible?

I definitely move around when invisible and yet I sometimes get hit by something and am downed because of it. Can’t really wrap my mind around why.

Also on a sidenote: Why the hell can Anointed Zealot death orbs follow you even when invisible? There is literally no counterplay to it instead of running away. It is rather unfun tbh.

yeh noticed it. also splash gets thru Zane’s barrier. i don’t know if that’s intentional.

Yeah, sometimes when I use Fade Away they will keep tracking and shooting at me. It doesn’t reliably shed aggro.

I’m not sure why there’s much surprise. In BL1 Lillith’s phasewalk shed the aggro but didn’t let you attack while invisible.

I mean if I couldn’t see what was shooting at me that doesn’t mean I would not shoot back. This complaint really only makes sense if you’re talking about a non-GITM build.

Edit - keep in mind it’s invisibility, those death orbs probably don’t track ‘enemies’ but instead ‘enemy life forces’