Does someone wanna play with me on the xbox one? borderlands 1 (i need help)

i am lvl 15 and i only get sh*t weapons and i am stuck at one mission pls i need help from a pro i am on a mission for player at lvl 17 (pls help)

if this is possible can you maybe give me this thing that gives me many xp and money? if not pls still reply me and lets do this mission together :slight_smile:

If you want I can join you can level you up. I have a 69 of each class and extra good guns

can we play now? or later?

my gamertag ist onurinho10

Do you wanna play now or later? My GT is ValkyriesHero

now if possible :slight_smile: i just sended you a friend request

Okay I am about to get online right now

well… i still need someone to do the mission with me valkyrie just gone offline pls someone reply and then send me a friend request if you can help

Add me
Im lvl 36 right now