Does Stainless Steel Bear still give fuel advantages?

I notice that the skill builders are all listing the damage boost but the other two perks are saying 0%?

Is stainless steel bear only a damage boost now?


Maybe this is an incredibly stupid question and I am embarrassing myself.

But hey…nothing new for me.

Anybody know the answer to this??

Seems odd. If they have removed the fuel benefits…why still list the Perk…with a 0%?


As far as I know it still grants it’s bonuses. If you want to test this, just use the base railguns while not using the skill (so neither put any points into it nor use a class mod that boosts it) and shoot, count the shots it takes until you run out of fuel, then specc into Stainless Steel Bear and ideally equip a class mod that boosts it further to get a clearer picture. You should be able to fire more shots than before if the skill works and if you land at the same amount (or less in case you mistime it if the window for the last shot is tiny) of shots then the skill doesn’t work.

Edit: I just tested it and the fuel bonus works!

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Thank you!

And in the spirit of once you get hooked into an answer the other person just wants more :grinning:

Here’s another one that I have wondered about. I read somewhere earlier that scorching RPM does not give the iron bear damage to iron cub. But I think that was fixed so that now it does.

Do you have any idea if scorching RPM gives that damage to IC now.

Thanks again!

Don’t know and that would be tricky to test, too. But in 8-10 hours I should have time to test it myself. In the meantime you could try to test IC on the Skags in the Droughts or Kevin on Sanctuary 3, ideally on lower mayhem levels (or with mayhem mode turned off completely to get lower numbers as a baseline (having damage in the hundreds of thousands displays way more usable numbers than rounded down numbers in the millions).

Just don’t spec into RPM’s and let IC use a gun with somewhat static damage and not too many instances of damage at once. I could imagine that the basic Bear Fists without augment would fit those criteria pretty well. Test it without any class mod equipped, to get the base numbers out of it.

Then, after noting the damage numbers without RPM’s you just throw 5 points into it and see if the damage is higher.

Yes RPM’s works. This was fixed that day Cub got crazy scaling. In fact it it now double benefits cub. You get 1.25x1.25 for 5/5 RPM’s on Cub. All damage skills work for Bear and Cub. Auto Bear and Auto Cub however are bugged and don’t receive the damage bonuses granted by Really Big Guns and Feature Creep. Everything else works or is bugged beneficially to give too much damage.


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