Does Super Shredifier exist on Xbox version?

Just like the title says. I have been looking a long time for a super Shredifier (the double barrel chaingun version) but in almost 2 years have not found a single one. I began to wonder if they even exist on the xbox version. I did searches online and no one could answer this. To be specific i have found single barrel versions of the shredifier but never a double barrel varient called the super Shredifier. So to the more educated in the forums I ask. Does it exist on the Xbox version?

I have got a couple Super Shredifiers on XB1. They are hella rare, right up there with the Sickle with Boom prefix.

That’s kind of funny, it seems like 50% of the Sickles I find are Boom variants. I’ve never seen a Super Shredifier drop in my time with the game. RNG be crazy sometimes

I have found 1 Boom Sickle, at level 60. I have seen a few Super Shredifiers, none with any good anoints tho :roll_eyes:

My first shredifier I ever found was on Xbox and it was the double barrel variant with a consec his anoint. But that was before mayhem 2.0 dropped.

RNGesus must hate me. Been farming titan on circle of slaughter quite awhile now and not a single super Shredifier (lots of regular shredifiers though). He’s the dedicated loot source. Appreciate the feedback. Helps motivate me to keep trying ya know. If you have any notes drop em here please

33% drop rate on M0-3 and 25% on M4 and up.

If you’re not already you can just kill him on Round 5, then warp out or kill yourself to restart just that round (as long as there’s still an enemy remaining). Makes slaughter farming a little more bearable.

I have been using that trick so I dont have to start the whole thing over. Good note, so important otherwise this would be so unbearable it wouldn’t be worth trying.

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