Does Sylestro still drop Driver after 12/5 hotfix?

Just wondering if anyone has seen it drop since yesterday after the hotfix went live. I’ve been farming them exclusively for the last 12 hours (game time) with no luck. I know the drop rate is really low – I’m not complaining – but I want to make sure I’m not wasting my time farming a dead source.

I had several drop last night from Sylestro on XBox / TVHM / M4 after the most recent hotfix.

Best of luck.

It does indeed. What platform are you on? I have extras

Thanks all for the confirmation. @maxageddon I’m on PC, which is sitting on the pause screen in Tanzendeer as I type this :rofl:

Sorry bud. I’m on PS4. I should really start opening with that, haha

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No worries. Got nothing better to do anyway haha. Needed to get back into my Amara groove anyway after spending so much time with FL4K and Moze.

Just making sure you’re on M4 while farming? That’s only way it will drop.

Im on ps4 also. Could I get a spare Driver of Phasezerker? I have multiple Nimbusses and Elementals, those drop like rain for me.

Sure thing. I can offer a few alright ones with a +2 in mindfulness, or a +3 Mindfulness +2 Helping hands with SMG Damage, Maliwan Reload, and I think Vladof damage (I would have to check to be sure). I may have a couple more better ones laying around as well.

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Can you send me your psn name, I’ll add you sometime in the coming days. Love the smg and maliwan bonusses with Mindfulness, Cutsman abuser here. I’ll be sure to pay it forward.

These guys do not want to drop one for me, several legendary artifacts and of course a class mod…for Moze! LoL

I will PM you. When you add me, just include the message for what it is, and I will send it along post haste

Yes Ive gotten one today.

Finally got one!
+2 mind
+1 clarity
+2 helping hands
Hyperion Fire rate, 10% Maliwan damage, Torgue reload speed

Not great but I’ll take it for now

Okay this is getting old now. I’ve been at this for way too long and now these guys are only dropping about one legendary an hour (any legendary). Kind of ridiculous that on TVHM M4 the drop rate can be so abysmal. Oh and I’m now convinced that luck artifacts are a Gearbox troll and actually lower the drop rate/quality. /rant

Anyway, back at it :unamused:

This com has a low percentage droprate for sure, but 12 hours without seeing one? My lord that’s some bad RNG indeed.

I have one question though, how are you farming this COM? As in: are you rushing to the boss or are you killing everything in between? If the latter, then its a really slow farm. I just did 55 runs in about an hour and a half ish, and got 3 of the coms to drop.

If you are on PC, and you don’t mind crappy rolls on the com, I could give you one to get the farm a bit easier and faster if you want. I could spare one for sure. Hit me up with a FR, Vin Blake is my epic account name, I’ll send you one. It won’t have +3 in mindfullness (only have one atm), but I could give you a +2 in mindfullness to get you started.

Also, this is my semi optimised build (gearwise) to get the farm done in about 30-35 secs. Mostly non-optimised gear. Just tought I’d share how I farm this COM.

(this was captured on a crappy pc tbh, so don’t mind the crappy quality lol, need a new pc asap, since my GTX 1050ti ain’t cutting it anymore.)

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I’m having a hell of a lot of trouble getting one too. I’ve not seen any at all yet so I feel the pain. PS4 for me, not gotten a Driver for my Amara yet and only gotten one Raging Bear for my Moze. If anyone wants to send me a Driver out of pity I’d accept lol

I’ve been farming Billy for moze’s mod for 4 hours so far and haven’t seen one yet. The drop rate for dedicated loot is abysmal; if it was a world drop, I’d probably have gotten one off graveward by now.

I gave up trying to farm the anointed alpha for ogres the other night after several hours as well. This isn’t a grind so much as a giant waste of everyone’s time, except maybe people who sell duped items.

Maybe try a luck relic?

@VinBlake FR sent. Really appreciate whatever help you’re willing to give. As far as my farming method goes, I’m rushing the boss; even jumping the wall from the box on the left. The only time I stop is when I get a hound or two tailing me since they can apparently fly in this game and will chase you all the way into the boss area. Also on occasion (1 in 20 runs maybe) I’ll get nailed by a cryo shot just before the reaper-mech spawns in, slowing me down just enough to catch his attention.

Downing the boss(es) is pretty simple with a Phazerker/TTB build actually; just lock Barry Allen while he’s still next to Sylestro and hit him with a Shock Rowan for a few seconds. After that, Barry is dead and Sylestro only has about 1/4 to 1/2 health.