Does Takedown dedicated drops only drop in M4?

Going for my first expedition tonight in it so just wondering what mayhem i need to run on. Google say’s Kyb’s drops only in M4 but wiki can be wack sometimes. Also i guess the redistributor.

Takedown weapons drop on any difficulty.
Kybs drops only from Wotan I believe.

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The Takedown exclusive ones should be able to drop even in normal mode.

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Just better chance of anoints in m3 I presume?

Yes, that and the amount of legendary drops in general should be higher.

Would recommend starting on MH0 just to get familiar with the map, the enemies and their patterns. I got my first Redistributor on MH0, then another Redistributor and Kybs on MH1.


Sounds good, thanks for the info.

You’re welcome, enjoy! Which VH are you?

You’ve probably seen this advice elsewhere, but shock and corrosive Cutsmans are really good for all the Takedown bosses. I’ve never seen a weapon strip Wotan’s shield faster than a shock Cutsman although I’m sure there are other good choices. I also found the Brainstormer to work great w/Maliwan mobs.

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Ive played through several times on M4 and have yet to see a distributor.
Two Kybs worths dropped, but not anointed.

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I use mainly a recursion shotgun, electric/corrosive. Clears the arena.

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I’ll be running moze then amara. Got both pretty much geared but don’t have much time to do takedown so taking advantage of this event. I’ve seen video’s and researched but that doesn’t help but so far till you play it.

What’s the anoints for the Kyb’s that’s popular?

I’ve got that setup and anxious to try it. Moze on the other hand will take trial and error.

From what i understand, any “on action skill end” gain bonus elemental or weapon damage are the best. I know there are Character specific annointments… but not sure what is best for Moze.


Same here, might just run with the lucky 7 for the event then do some research on a more stable setup.