Does the 4 player hitch still work

How do I do the 4 player glitch and does it still work or is it patched?? Also looking to run digi peak I have a lvl72 gauge GT PlayaNaZty187

No, they patched it.

I’d help, but downloading Gears at the moment and playing Halo while I wait. It will be at least another 6 days yet (my download speed is very poor) before I’m able to help out.


Although I have to ask, is that the collection of all four games?

No, just the newest gears. Halo Guardians took almost a FULL TWO WEEKS to download 100plus gig, needless to say I’ve been riding my providers ass and it has improved a tiny bit, Prey (which is like BioShock) took 6 hours from disc (Upgrades downloaded)
Supposedly getting a free upgrade from my provider, later in the year when they add a new hub close to me.

never seems to affect my playing games like Halo or Borderlands (no lag), but it sure is a Bear when it comes to downloads

as for providers it’s the only one available to me without paying 2 to 3 thousand for a hookup, and had one or even say even if they did run it, it may not be any better then what I have now :astonished:

Gears 4 with patches is a 90GB download. So… try six weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope not at 4 days gears was 37% (and yes 90gig and that’s with the Disc)
though it may take a little longer, lost power last night and just getting that restored, now if the internet at homes not affected by last nights storm I can restart the download when I get home later

Halo at 4 days was only 13% (that’s when started giving my provider Hell)

I play that on Sundays with with my buddy in the UK and my other friend in Scotland. I’ll hit you up next time we’re on.

sounds good, I’ll watch my friends list while in Halo when I’m on. been mostly playing the Warzone Firefight with a couple other friends when they are on, alone if their not

Which HALO?

Halo Guardians

Been on it every night while I’m downloading Gears 4

Is that what they’re calling Halo 5? Don’t have that one, but I have all the others on 360. Been debating about putting them on the XB1. Starting to run out of room though - and it’s a 1TB internal drive!

yes I believe so, got it a couple weeks ago when it was on sale for $30 (it is 100+ gigs). I believe Reach is backwards compatible now. got most all the other Halos also on the 360