Does the 4 player trick still work?

Went and got to gees gate and then ibtried to spawn vermin and then didn’t get a badass.

It still works.

Did you touch the gate, killed Hyperious at least once beforehand in that play through, and not quit the game for some reason, yes?

Easiest way to check if you’re still in 4-player mode is tying to pick up ammo you’re full of. If it lets you pick it up you’re in 4-player mode.

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I didn’t try to fight hyperius. I went to master gees gate and tried to use it there. AFAIR gees gate worked as well.

The Gee gate works only if you have killed Hyperius before and accepted the Master Gee mission I think.

If you didn’t do that you’ll have to go touch the Hyperius gate in Washburn refinery, it works the same but takes longer to backtrack out of compared to the Gee gate in Hayter’s Folly.

Yeah, you have to have the mission for Gee available or completed. I didn’t know that one time I was doing it and didn’t know why it wasn’t working for me.

But yeah it should be working. Like DomNation said, try grabbing ammo you are full on and if you can, it’s working.

4 player splitscreen for the win!