Does the Bee amp buff any other damage?

For example, does it buff splash damage to the increased power of the shot, or is it as simple as “what you see is what you get”

That thread goes over the damage formula so you can see what and what doesn’t get amp.

I also go over a lot of it here if its easier to watch than read.

But in general

Things that don’t get buffed by amp

  • Additive gun damage bonuses

Things that do get buffed by amp

  • Critical hits
  • Splash damage
  • multiplicative or special buffs
  • Elemental buffs
  • debuffs

Thank you so much Derch! A couple questions, does explosive count as an element and do any of Axton’s damage boosting skills count as “special boosts” which contribute toward Bee damage? Other than Impact not being buffed, im unsure about Steadyband whatnot.

explosive splash and bonsues yes, explosive bullets no.

Explosive is an element when it comes to the damage formula, so if you look at @sljm’s post I linked look at the elemental buffs.

Anything that comes post amp gets buffed.

Axton’s ways to increase amp damage would be grenade buffs on guns with get grenade buffs on splash damage. The reason he is a decent bee user is because he can keep it up, not so much because he can buff it.

All of axton’s gun buffs are additive.

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Which is the only reason why the volcano can out damage the snider with a bee.

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Wouldnt Steady and Do or Die increase the Bee amp, but not Impact? Im using Kerblaster, DPUH, badaboom and Ravager.

Yeah grenade buffs boost splash damage that get grenade buffs and splash gets amp damage

This skill/gear calc can give you exact numbers

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Thats what derch just said.

But then he said how most of Axton’s skills are additive, and that he can maintain it but not so much buff it, and i got confused.

I don’t mind clarifying, you are asking questions because you don’t understand it, not because you do understand it. I’m glad to help.

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Sorry to be such a pain, i just want to make sure i got this right. With all my weapons listed, because they benefit from grenade splash damage, that means that Steady and Do or Die do boost Bee damage, right? I think?

Grenade does not boost rocket damage, only grenade.

Kerblaster, no on initial impact, yes on secondary grenade (I might be wrong on the first but I think its a rocket)
Dpuh yes it gets grenade buffs on splash
Badaboom, no its rockets
Ravager, yes same as dpuh

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Thank you! So the Badaboom benefits from amp damage, but the amp isnt boosted at all? Unlike with the other three, where the amp is boosted? (Minus kerblaster impact)


Also just a heads up all of your guns are pretty short range here so it might be hard to keep the bee up with guns like these

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Thank you for all the help. I cant believe i havent used this thing earlier. Last question, would the Grounded prefix take away from any other positive aspect of the shield, such as capacity or amp damage? Or is it totally neutral?

Shields with elemental immunities usually pay for that in having smaller capacity- depending on the character and/or your BAR the difference can be made up to a degree…

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The grounded prefix (or any other elemental immunity prefix) comes from having a Maliwan capacitor, which affects stats in its own way. It is neither better or worse than other parts, so if you do have one, lucky you :slight_smile:

Yes, as @Carlton_Slayer said, they do have smaller capacity, but that’s just because that’s the weak point of Maliwan parts, it’s not a “cost” per se.

@Hoyle4 has a chart somewhere of all shield parts and how they affect the shield’s stats, I will try to find it

Edit: found it! It is in the TPS forum, but the info is still the same since it’s very broad. (He picked adaptive shield as an example, but you can substitute any “special” ability for the extra health and elemental resist of adaptive (like the damage of amp and roid shields or the % chance of absorb shields) Since they are tied to the same value in the game.