Does the Borderlands Science loot booster work?

It seems from my very limited testings, it does work while leveling up my alt - got very good drops overall compared to before. But in M4 TTD mode for my main, there seems to be no noticable change whatsoever.

So how is everyone’s experience on this?

Also the booster seems bugged in which it always refreshes everytime I log, so it never actually runs out. At least the icon.

I farmed empowered Grawn the full duration of it, made no noticeable difference, I won’t be buying it again.

Same seems busted

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I just did a Villa Ultraviolet run with the booster activated and didn’t notice any improvement. It arguably made the drops worse; I killed Josie Bytes on the way to getting the mask and she dropped a couple of purples, and killing Joey Ultraviolet and the underbosses with him didn’t net any of the legendaries specific to the Cartel event. I mean, I have plenty of science points so I can afford to spend them, but not if it’s actually making drops worse.

I have noticed zero improvement from drops while using the Butt Stallion Milk. I stopped buying it.

I have read that Luck, the loot relics and I assume the Science mods do not effect legendary drop rates and I’m not sure even purple ones so only greens and blues.

If it’s like the vault hunter’s relic in BL2 (which seems very likely) the increased drop chance in the world loot pool will yield diminishing returns for higher tier loot. I doubt it affects designated drops at all. I’ve mostly been using the cash or XP boosters for characters still levelling up and purchasing SDUs.

Zero effect. Nice of them to get us to join their experiment with the promise of a reward, and then provide nothing

Wanted to revive this thread… Is it now working? I have the feeling that I get less world drops with it.

In my opinion, it has an effect but not a good one. Combined with a loaded dice and I get most of the time no legendaries.
But I just tried the loaded dice and farmed geniviv 7 times. I got 2 x14 reflux and 3 x7 and 3 of those reflux are really useable. :rofl:
But I don’t think that has anything to do with the dice, borderlands just wants me to believe that :joy:
I would stay away from that science machine and it’s buffs.

All loot enhancing effects in the game besides maybe the mayhem boosts are honestly suspect.

I too suspect it works much like BL2’s Vault Hunter relic. As far as I understand it, these loot boosters essentially can turn some white drops into greens, some greens into blues, etc. But only for the regular rarities, legendary drop rates are not affected. Which would explain that the OP can notice a difference during the levelling up, but on higher mayhem levels it seems to do nothing - there, we mostly get purple and orange to begin with, and if the odd blue drops as a purple it’ll go unnoticed.

Wasn’t it proved that all of the loot boosting / luck increasing stuff was nothing more than just a placebo

Not a placebo, no. Loot boosters do actually work. It’s just that they don’t work they way many assume them to work: they don’t alter legendary world drop rates anywhere near enough to make any noticeable difference to observed rates whatsoever; and they don’t affect designated drop rates at all as far as anyone can tell (nor do I believe it has ever been claimed in either BL2 or BL3 that this is the case).

They’re useful things to have when you’re starting out either for the first time or running a fresh character with no hand-me-downs. You will see an improvement in terms of more blue rarity gear and less white, for example. But they’re not really going to help at end-game.

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The loot booster seems to work in Heck and the Villa seasonal expansions. While it may be coincidence, I do get higher loot drops including oranges on non-mayhem. (Have not tried it on Mayhem with and without the boost to be able to gauge.)

Outside of those, I’ve been mainly using the cash booster…


In my youth, I committed to SETI and Cure For Cancer/Rosetta Stone real hard. After I got all the heads/skins and I had more points than I can honestly spend, I stopped doing it for a while. I’ve recently started again partially as a way of acknowledging my younger self’s idealism and partially as a way to just help out. So I pop one True Tannis and I roll the dice on the other. Two puzzles and then I buy the booster and get on with the murder.