Does the Bounty Hunter legendary COM work on Hunter's Eye?

The COM says that “Bosses are treated as Human/Beast/Robotic for FL4K’s Hunt skills”.

Hunter’s Eye isn’t actually listed as a Hunt skill, but it’s one of only two skills FL4K has that actually cares what type the enemy is, the other being Interplanetary Stalker.

Does that COM effect really only exist for Interplanetary Stalker?

Also, Hunter’s Eye is one of the skills that the Bounty Hunter COM can add points to, which is what got me wondering in the first place.


Following. The damage reduction is very valuable if so.

I’m pretty sure it does. Otherwise it’s a lackluster com.

I would also like to know. My feeling is that it doesn’t as it is a passive and not a Hunt skill.

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Yes Another important piece of information. Just not clear cut. I have been saying this about alot of the skills for a classes. just cant be sure can we?

One test suggests it does.

I had a fresh respec with no talents but Second Intention and Hunter’s Eye, no class mod equipped, no pet, and shot Graveward in an eye for ~7200 damage. Then I equipped the class mod, which had no passive bonus to the weapon used and was only boosting Hunter’s Eye talent because others were unlocked. I shot the same eye with the same gun and did ~8400.

The increase was a little smaller than the bonused value of Hunter’s Eye, likely because it’s stacking additively with critical damage from guardian rank, as predicted in the recent critical damage formula thread.

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Hunter’s Eye is a “Hunt Skill”, it is NOT a Hunter Kill Skill. It does buff with the boss fight.

Only 2 Hunter Kill Skills I equip with Bounty Hunter are Interplanetary and Most Dangerous to proc those the most. (also will put 1 in Frenzy since one I has buffs it, depending on build I am running)

Yes it definitely works with hunters eye. It says in the second part hunter skills. In the first part it says hunter kill skills