Does the Cmdlet mod trigger Attack Command Anoints?

Just curious. Anything Purple tree immediately makes me gag but this has me a bit curious.

Also does Monkey Do work properly/as intended?

If you don’t get an answer in a couple days, I’ll check. I have a Beastmaster all up the purple tree, and this COM is fixed now so the pet almost constantly throws the action skill… should be easy to check for anointment behavior.

edit - sure seems like it. I equipped/unequipped a Deathless relic to empty my health bar, put on a "after attack command, 30% health steal anointed Bagronk, Gamma-Bursted my WAR Loader to a proper range for its attack command, and laid into some enemies. Bagronk shots were insta-filling my health bar. Like I could re-apply the Deathless relic, and repeat it.

So this is fun… what are some other ‘after attack command’ anointments? I have largely shied away from them up to this point.


Someone can correct me, but last I checked, Monkey Do still changes Fl4k’s shots to kinetic only (no element). I’d need to check again to see if anything has changed.

Thanks, I tried to test it but kept failing to be able to tell if it was/wasn’t since I’m awful at these kinds of tests.

I wanted to test the anointment you used on a Heart-Breaker/Slow-Hand to see how good the healing would be.

The other worthwhile anointment would be the Terror anoint where issuing an attack command will consume all terror and boost your pet’s damage.

There’s the shield “movement speed” anoint after using attack command, but that’s by far the worst.

But yeah, I had the anoint for Lifesteal on a Heart-Breaker and really wanted to see if that anointment and the Cmdlet would allow me to have massive Lifesteal.

Holy crap, that’s a lot of health return. Which pet/attack are you using with this COM? I’m using the WAR Loader (those rockets hit hard AF, and outside of a certain range from the pet, the aim is very good). I use Gamma Burst to set him in proper firing locations for range and barrier clearance.

Sorry for late response.

Yes, cmdl3t activates AC anoints. And yes, Monkey Do is still broken.


which actually makes the brainstormer also have “kinetic chains” which are just red lasers

just fyi

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