Does the directors cut affect the base game? New/extra story?

So im starting over from scratch new character on steam instead of epic. I want my steam achievements and all that jazz.
Was tired of epics offline issues and the recent steamsale made it palatable. Everything for 50 season 1 and 2 and all the deluxity.

Is the directors cut out? Does it change the game? Aside from 4th skill trees? I dont wanna start a new game and it comes out later i wanna start fresh.

Also i need to ask… Is



TL;DR: The Director’s Cut is not out yet, but it most likely won’t directly change the main story of the game in any way.

Longer answer: the Designer’s Cut is the one which contains the 4th skill trees and the Arms Race map/game mode (and is currently available), the Director’s Cut comes out on April the 8th. It contains 4 new maps in which Ava’s murder mystery quest chain takes place, a new raid boss behind the Ascension Bluff door, behind the scenes (DVD extras-style) content accessible through the main menu and “Vault Cards”, basically daily and weekly challenges that unlock cosmetic and gear rewards.

Ava’s murder mystery has been teased by the developers to have subtle but meaningful connections to the rest of the Borderlands universe, but they’ve been pretty secretive about it so far.


Ive just read vesides avas story itll have new story missions. So ill wait for the 8th. Get a different experience.