Does the DPUH drop from anything other than

Does the DPUH drop from anything other than the Torgue machines and Savage lee?

I was doing my TVHM run with gaige and during the Slab initiation, after a badass scavenger killed me i went back and my deathtrap had killed some of them but what caught my attention was that an Unkept Harold was on the floor.

At first I thought it was mine but when i checked it was a another one (different level and prefix). So does the gun drop from any other loot source? Because i was almost 100% sure that the only sources were the vending machines and savage lee

Edit: Just replayed the video and apparently the gun came from a Scavenger

Most legendaries can drop from any source but the chances are very very rare.


oh well, that makes sense I guess lol It’s just that I’ve been playing this game non stop since it came out and played it a little more on ps3 and never got a Legendary Drop from a regular enemy.

Thanks for the heads up tho

A madhouse in pete’s bar room brawl was my first random world drop, I’ve seen more than a few since but that is with more hours than I care to admit in the game.

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i don’t even want to look at miy playtime, i got 2 maxed out OP8 Characters and working on my 3rd lmao

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calculating total playtime … .:acmembarrass: … I, probably, should get a life … :acmcheese:

rare srops are just that. bar room brawl yeilded me an op8 slag deliverance from a bad ass. a pleasant surprise.

Had a hornet drop at the Forge once. No loot midgets or anything of the sort. No idea what dropped it specifically as it came at the end of a Phaselock Bloodsplosion combo.

I also remember a Legendary shield dropping once from a group of incredibly underwhelming enemies.

I still use that Hornet (I was about to farm Knuckledragger too and noticed it had a Dahl grip and it even a nice scope).

I got my favorite plasma caster from a trash bin.

Ive gotten a leech from the tell sanctuary about roland quest. I have gotten a dpuh from legend loot midget. A legendary shield from a random chest in washburne refinery. A wtf shield from a skag. Maybe more i dont remember. I saw an emperor drop at the end of op1 and then op2 right after it.

Sweet, every day you learn something new lol