Does the Final Score even affect anything?

Outside getting a medal…does score affect drops or credits or exp or anything? Or is it just kinda there :X

I have not seen it affect anything. XP is based only on time played. Credits are just picked up through campaign, rewards for challenges (command and story).

I haven’t looked at post match rewards yet. But I have a feeling it is really just for determining your star rating, which is then used for challenge unlocks, which are only unlocking characters right now. There could be more to it in the future though.

I might have a look into this later to see what I can find, but the post match screen is pretty clear where stuff is coming from, like how there’s an XP bonus for getting the first win of the day.

I think it has more to do with the number of enemies you have personally killed. When I grind out lore on the Void’s Edge i get significantly more XP because I sit at the end and kill lots of adds which I believe are all worth at least 1 XP each.

Through multiple story runs, it doesn’t seem to behave this way. Having played the Algorithm around 50 times, I have been able to sort through the random encounters to find identical runs.

I don’t have the hard data anymore. Was on game recordings on my PS4. Had an issue with my PS4 where is forced me to format the system. Trying to get more identical runs. At least, as close to each other in kills and buildables destroyed.

However, even if kills were a factor, I believe that time would weigh more heavily on the xp rewarded. It doesn’t seem that the PvE an PvP systems are different in any way for xp rewards. In what I am sure was an attempt to prevent minion farming on private incursion matches, Gearbox most likely used a time based reward system. While it can still be exploited, in a PvP focused game it rewards players for having those close games. In the end, it still rewards players for skill.

Edit: Another thing that I have noticed is that, The Archive has rewarded me with more xp when ran on normal with a group vs. solo on advanced. Even if that group was just two people. I haven’t had reliable tests for normal solo runs, but I will try for some. I am expecting that it rewards you with more xp if you play in a group.

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It’s used to unlock certain characters (i.e. “Get silver on all missions”)

And bragging rights. There’s always that.

What he said…

In addition, if you unlock the character with a character key, if / when you do complete the challenge, your key will be returned to you.