Does the game run better compared to how it was at launch for some people?

Sorry if this question is asked a lot, just curious. Stopped playing about 3 months ago due to problems occurring in my life, any of you guys think the game runs better? Thanks in advance! Cheers.

it’s playable still stuttering though

Ha, Ha, Ha, ha, No…

Night and day difference here. No more stuttering and generally 60 fps on low/med with an i5 6600k and Nvidia 970GTX on DX12. Really happy with it.

It’s getting better every time they release a new patch. Gives me some hope.

diffidently yes and i would suggest wait to stream released

I’m on PlayStation and I have noticed a improvement in performance as if December.

I feel like there is a bit of a ways to go to get it optimal or at least where I would expect but there is less lag in menu screens and such. It’s still there, just not as noticable.