Does The graphics in BL3 Look Good or what

That twitch stream was awesome in my opinion anyone else that can’t wait to get there hands on that. Cause i wanna play BL3 SO BAD!!!

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They do look good. I’m thinking of raiding the piggy bank for a new gaming desktop to go 4K by September :smile:

i am so friggin’ excited!

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Sadly i don’t have a gaming PC But it does look very good can’t wait for it on console i’m Exploding with excitement this is the game 2k and gearbox need to take time on unlike sports games cause this game has been built up for years.

ikr i just wanna play it

Playing in person it looks so much better than it comes off on a stream. It’s the little things, facial movement, guns parts moving, etc…

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looks like a massive improvement and the sounds for the guns and stuff is super impactfull

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Much agreed

I have never played it in person i wish i could though

Why does it seem so much darker and literally harder to see enemies and things? Was that just the way it appears on stream?

I didn’t get that at all, I would assume it was stream quality.

There were some dark parts, night and all but most was easy. Here is some of my raw footage


cool video

They stated BL2 had around 500 gun sounds. BL3 has about 7500.

Looks sooo good. Any noticeable differences in the way vehicles are controlled?

Not too much on controls but a lot of feel and customization.

So in bl1 and 2 they didn’t have any real vehicle devs, or devs with experience with vehicles and it kind of showed.

In bl3 they have a entire team of devs that came from car games that built it from the ground up.

Also you can get parts for cars to customize, so cars are now like guns.

Also you can steal enemy cars and keep the parts.

Derch A bit OT. I will watch your whole video later but I caught the first 20 mins. Thank you so much for showing your jump/mantle on that structure at around 15:00. That’s exactly the sort of thing I like to try and do in BL games. Lot’s of the other gameplay I’ve seen concentrates on run’n’gun. That’s important, obviously, but there are other things to do in a BL game :slightly_smiling_face:

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For sure I’ve watched the reveal several times and froze footage to check it out. I am very impressed with whats there. While it was difficult waiting finally seeing the finished game, it was worth it.

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The one thing that bothers me juuuuust a tiny bit, and it’s just a little tiny thing and certainly not a deal breaker, is that the amount of XP awarded for killing enemies is shown right above the XP bar, rather than dropping down from about midscreen like before. I’m sure I’ll get used to it though. :smiley:


I hope this game is going to look more like old Borderlands and not so much like Battleborn. Sorry, but Battleborn looks to me like a semi-anime game designed for console playing 12 year olds, while Borderlands has always had a distinctly American style to the artwork.

I sure hope that the entire game is NOT going to look like the levels I saw in the demo rollout.