Does the IVF count as a grenade?

Basically what the title says. If it does count as a grenade, would it be better to use a bomber Oz kit for the grenade damage buff or a duality oz kit buffing explosive damage?

All Tediore reloads count as grenades. Grenade damage bonuses boost it, so bomber kit works. Duality kit you mentioned only works a) in a vacuum and b) on an explosive (non-elemental) IVF. If you have a shock one, it wouldn’t do anything. But, the explosive duality kit does buff Clappy’s SWAB Nova, while bomber kit would not. Obviously, with Clappy, you want non-elemental IVF and then skills like Load n’ Splode, Grenade Vent, and even Drop the Hammer and Death Machine (for reload speed). Either kit works (whatever gives you a higher %) and either the Chronicle of Elpis or Gratuitous Loose Cannon class mod.

Finally, cryo grenade (especially one with area of effect) that you throw first for triple the damage. Works on Iwajira at least. Doesn’t seem to work on Felicity though. Don’t know about other bosses.

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Thanks, will try some of those out.