Does the pacifier debuff enemy minions? Does KU's passive buff yours?

Topic. Anybody know? God knows how you’d test this.

EDIT: The answer is yes to both.

Probabaly, then no

Pacifier works on all enemies accept sentries.

How did you test this?

The pacifier has a debuff fx when it’s on. It gives like blue triangles or something. Useful gauntlet when your opponent has a pendles too

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I went into dojo, and beat up some minions. I saw the debuff in a visual form, with the down arrows, and tested incoming damage with one minion. The minion dealt less dps with the debuff. Will post screenshots later.

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Beautiful. How about KU’s passive?

I feel like if Kid Ultra’s passive buffed minions someone would already be complaining about it.

Just checked. It does. You can see yellow up arrows when KU is near friendly minions. imma use KU as buff/debuff king :slight_smile:

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For God’s sake keep it to yourself! If news gets around we’ll have a bunch of boobs running around demanding nerfs!

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So I shouldn’t mention the ambra build I made using pacifier?..

Oh, no that’s fine.

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