Does the PC version get hotfixes or is that exclusive to consoles?

Just like the title says
I wait and wait and wait at the menu, and I never ever see the “Hotfix Applied” message …as soon as I switch over to my p34 version, I see the message applied within seconds
So does the PC version not get hotfixes?, or am I an idiot for waiting around at the the start menu waiting for something that can’t occur?

PC version gets them as well, the message is there but fades after a while, you can restart the game or quit to menu from in-game and you shoudl be able to see the sign

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I’ll give it another try, but I don’t think things will change, as I know where to look for that message, I never take my eyes off the screen and wait at least 3 minutes

As long as it’s online it should behave as the console does.