Does the pet occasionally puke ammo?

I swear I’ve seen the spiderant vomit up an ammo or money occasionally and Fl4k will say something like “I wondered where that went”…

Yes the Spiderant does occasionally drop ammo

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So does the skag. I keep finding ammo in odd places and finally caught it puking up some. I’d swear up, down, and sideways it pukes up weapons rarely, too

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Yep. I’ve seen the skag and spiderant do this, and I’m pretty damn sure my skag puked up a white rarity weapon once or twice too. The jabber doesn’t seem to do this.

yeah skag and spiderant does vomit ammo weapons and stuff, my first sniper in game was avomited by one of them at lvl 5 and the sniper came on my lvl, snipers are rare to find or drop at the start of the game, at least on my case, but never seen jabber vomit any thing, wonder if he is the only one who doesnt, btw if you touch your pet the chance he vomits something is bigger, so i usualy pet him over and over, and he vomits something after 3 or 4 times most of the times but other times takes longer, that is why i say increase chance, not a granted vomit right away. if any one ever see a jabber doing so i would like the know.

Jabber does it too.

Yup, ammo and guns.

Between having a Scag and an absorb shield, I rarely have to buy ammo.