Does the rerouter actually work for bloodletter

maybe I’m not paying attention properly but seems like the rerouter isn’t restoring the shield when im using the bloodletter especially since its supposed to a t like my shield is health right? Am I doing something wrong?

You are correct, the Rerouter does not restore shields if you are using the Bloodletter.

It drains a lot less shield with bloodletter (26k shield drains 13k without bloodletter and only 2k with bloodletter)…so it looks like it kinda works.

That is not the result of the Rerouter returning health though – you always get the reduced drain, even if you hit nothing.

What do you mean always? You don’t get reduced drain when you shoot with any other classmod than bloodletter. You also don’t get reduced drain when shooting with Version 0.m shield even with bloodletter (since the shield doesn’t do anything with you health).

If you shoot and hit nothing while using the Bloodletter and Rerouter, it still only drains 2k shields — so that reduced drain is not the result of the shield returning damage as health.

The rerouters heal is on shot, not on hit afaik. You can see that on Zanes clone.

That’s what I’m saying, it drains only 2k. But shooting nothing without bloodletter drains half of your shield. It doesn’t matter if you hit anything or not, it returns the drained shield as health, not damage as health.

Try it with using front loader, re-router, bloodletter and any other com. Get your health to 40% with front loader, then equip re-router and any other com and see what happens when you shoot anywhere. The shield is half drained and your health is full. Then do the same and equip bloodletter. The health stays at 40% but your shield is drained only little.

Totally confusing weapon card description…