Does the Revolution still drop in the Pandora cluster?

Basically it.Been farming for a week here now with no luck. Thanks

Supposedly has a higher drop rate from badass Trojans and/or bandits. So yes that would be the place to look.

It’s not worth it personally, Its a worse anarchist. Also you can grind for it.

Thanks.believe it or not its the last legendary i Ive tried grinding for it,but i never get it.

Does anyone here know what you need to have for grinder to get one? The one i saw here only makes Luck Canons for me.

The one that makes LC’s should also make Proles.

Thanks again.

yes grind 2 dlc legendaries, preferably luck cannons, with a purple pistol

any 2 DLC legendary weapons + purple pistol = luck cannon or revolution(and sometimes but very rarely get a vanilla legendary pistol)

I was trying to get a perfect part cyro revolution but settled on a purple cryo anarchist cause that came first. LOL But I was getting revolutions most of the time.

if you want to farm for it and not grind, Pandora is still a good spot, however I have had better luck in the Mutator rounds. I have had 2 revolution drop from Ulitmate Badass Psycho’s. I have never seen one drop for a Ulitmate Badass Trojan. I have also had one drop from a bandit midget in Pandora.