Does the "Rock, Paper, Genocide!" Exploit for leveling still work?

Finally got my highest level character into UVHM (I haven’t played in a while and I left my Maya off at Level 50 TVHM) and I would like to know if this leveling exploit still works so I can test out other characters that I like without having to spend 60+ hours.

Pete’s bar is faster, just get another player or a 2nd controller with a lvl 72 to do it for you.

I do not know anyone at level 72. But I suppose once I get there with my friend we can do Pete’s Bar with one using a new character. And then switch

What system you on? If your ps4 what’s your psn? I’ll gladly level you if that’s what you want.

I’m on xbox one, so unfortunately I can’t accept your offer. Thank you though!

Ah, then my advice would be to maybe kill some bosses repeatedly or just do all the missions.

Yeah I’m going through all the missions on TVHM and soon UVHM. Thanks for the tip about Pete’s Bar though.