Does the Ruiner still drop DLC 3 heads?

So I’ve been farming the Ruiner for a while now trying to get some of the Bounty of Blood heads (Zane & Moze specifically I’d like) yet I’m approaching 200 kills all on M10 & M11 & I’ve still yet to see a single head drop.

I know the drop rate of the DLC 3 heads is notoriously low but I’m beginning to wonder if they even still drop from Ruiner. I’ve tried looking on Google & Reddit but any & all posts I’ve been able to find about it are dated July - September 2020, almost a full year ago.

So I’m just wondering if anyone here can verify or knows if they still drop from Ruiner or if I’m just wasting my time?

He does. I’ve been farming him (her?) a week - one and half week ago. Got one for Moze and Amara.

After making this thread & hitting over 200 kills, I’ve literally just had 3 drop in 6 kills, 2 of which were back to back. 2 x Zane & 1 for Fl4k. I’m just holding out for the Moze one now however long that may take.

Are you on PC? Need some XP for my Vault Card anyway, so I might keep my eyes open then for them. Also, try farming non-mayhem. IIRC I had more head drops that way.

I’m playing on PS5. I’ve given up on trying to get Diamond Keys & I’ve almost finished my vault card so I’m farming Ruiner soley for the heads.

That’s unfortunate. Then the only thing I can suggest is to try farming on M0.

Time isn’t an issue, I put it down in 30 seconds or so even on M10 which is why I haven’t turned Mayhem off, it’s just the repetition & repeated disappointment haha.

Yeah, I understood, I was saying that I saw more heads dropping on M0, than I did on M11 :slight_smile: anyway, fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:

Ah I see, got ya. Might give it a try if I don’t see anymore heads in the next 50 kills.

Still gutted that the 3 drops in the 6 kills contained a dupe haha xD

RNG baby… R.N.G.

Since making this thread I’ve actually had 7 heads drop, frustratingly 5 were dupes, 3 Zane & 2 Fl4k.

If anyone on PS5 is looking for either of those heads & happens to have the Moze one I’d be happy to trade as I’ve held onto the dupes.

Still don’t got it for Moze man? Oh, M, Gee… that’s crazy…

I officially give up, I’ve hit 1k kills & yet to get it.

I know it’s exactly 1k kills as I’ve gone up 125 guardian ranks since I started & I get a rank every 8 kills.

In 1000 kills I’ve had:

4 Zane Heads
3 Fl4k Heads
2 Amara Heads
0 Moze Heads

67 Chemistry Sets
23 Battle Riders

12 Light Shows

Enough is enough sadly.

I’ve never seen a single DLC3 head, let alone a Moze one.

Have you tried farming with a different VH?

I killed the Ruiner hundreds of time and eventually got Moze’s. I was aiming for Amara. I don’t know why the drops are so stingy on these heads. It kind of reminded me of the 4 hyperion Assassins skins in Southpaw Steam and Power. For the longest time thise skins were very rare.

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I now have the head & not from farming. Someone saw my post & sent me one, wouldn’t accept anything in return.

Now I never have to fight Ruiner ever again fortunately haha.