Does the season pass includes the full game?

Hello everybody!
I’m new at Borderlands 3, and I haven’t bought the game (I was testing it with the free trial weekend)…
I’m watching that in the PS Store, there is the full game with 50% discount and a season pass that includes all the DLC content. but I don’t know if that Season Pass also includes the game itself.
I mean, If I buy the season pass, Will I be able to play the whole main story too?

Thanks and warm regards!

Simple answer: no

Season pass is just for the four DLCs (three out and one to come).

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Another short answer: Don’t buy.

If you have to buy, get it from a trade-in shop. It’ll save you money.

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That’s not fair, the gameplay is on par with other BL’s games and the environment is cool.

Uh, but the story leaves a lot to be desired compared to the others in the series, a lot. I see you’re playing on PS, get ready for a ton of crashes (I play on Xbox One X and had to stop playing due to the stability issues). Good thing is this last DLC ran fine for me, can’t say the same for the previous 2 or the main game.

Yep Salpta, I agree with your assessment to OP wrt to NOT buying it. Damn, can’t believe I’m saying that.

Given that OP actually tried the game on a “free play weekend”, they do have a first hand experience with the game and probably can judge for themselves stability and performance part, no?


not fully no as heard there doing season 2 pass next year i think with more content which hopefully doesnt mean more level ups and instead we get better/longer dlc content if so…

yeah game is like £15 now in uk shops (not counting season 1 pass)

This was rumored/teased but we don’t have any clue what year 2 could look like. Might be all headhunters and raids for all I know (that would be awesome)

hopefully yeah that be nice

I’m just giving OP some feedback from someone who’s logged a lot of hours in the game and knowing that the stability issues affect both consoles. Nothing nefarious here.

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I’ll disagree on this. I play 1/2 time on a PS4 Pro, about 1,700 hours on that platform so far, and I get a crash once every 2 months. It does run hot, my fans are often spun up, but I have not experienced stability issues.

I’m on an older PS4 and I second this. I had horrible crashing issues when mayhem 2.0 first released but other than that the game is stable enough. Far from perfect but it runs well enough

For me the game is near perfection. The only things are: relics, class mods and the 1min long loading times… I wish I had wait until next consoles. 1min sounds not long as long as you don’t have to do it every minute…

edit: heres two little tests I made while farming.
Both tests are on M10 with my Fl4k using a uncempt Harold 200 ASE and not nearly perfect relics and class mods!
Red: Loading time from starting of the loading screen to beeing able to move in the game
Orange: Loading time from the game under pressing the x button to the point the red loading screen begins
Green: Actual playtime

1st test: queen of grogans (farming for deadeye class mod)

2nd test: El Drogon (farming non stop gap shield)

So you kind of can say that you are about 60 to 75 seconds in loading screen and the playtime is always an other… depends on boss but mostly not more than 40sec.