Does the splash damage anoint work on the recursion

Does this work on the recursion is it better than the 100% damage ASE?

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I don’t know for sure, but I imagine it would as the recursion appears to get buffs from splash damage skills and secondaries. No clue if its better than the 100% damage on ASE annointment or not though

I didn’t know Recursion dealt splash damage. I thought that anoint only rolled in guns that could deal splash damage.

Mathematically if it does work 125% is more than 100%.

I didn’t think it did either, but saw another post on it, and decided to do a little testing and it does indeed appear to be buffed by splash damage.

That depends on how much of the damage is splash. If the gun does 100% damage as splash, then totally. If it does something like 50% as splash, then not necessarily.

Thanks for that.

After testing I see Recursion does 100% Splash damage. I guess all Maliwan guns do 100% splash damage even if the gun doesn’t have a splash radius.

My Recursion has 2671 base radiation damage.

In TVHM mode with no modifiers other than guardian rank I deal 3038 damage to the test dummy.

Base damage = 2671
Guardian Rank = 13.74% Gun Damage
2671 x 1(1+.1374) = 3037.9954
Radiation does 100% damage to flesh

When I add 1 point to Fire in The Skag den for bonus 3% incendiary to splash I get an additional 140 damage as incendiary.

2671 x .03 = 80.13
80.13 x 1.75 = 140.2275
Incendiary damage does 175% damage to flesh in TVHM.

So to answer the question, it appears the Recursion would deal more damage with the 125% Splash damage bonus as it does 100% Splash damage.


Nice write-up but I don’t think all maliwan guns do splash damage. I tested the mind-killer/tsunami and they don’t do splash

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Don’t use Fire in the Skag Den to test. Use something like Amara’s skill, arm’s deal. Some stuff will proc Fire in the skag Den but won’t be boosted by splash damage, like beam grenades.

Has anyone seen the recursion spawn with the 160% splash damage anoint for moze?

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Thank you so much for the confirmation!