Does the Systems Purge benefit from anything?

Grenade damage? Explosive damage? Is there any way to boost it?

Nope. Ain’t nothing there.

no way that I know to boost it, however its great in " atmosphere" levels as it very quickly fills up

Indirectly but, there is one thing, which system purge get benefit from: Oxygenator Luneshined Weapons. They give 1 o2 after damaging an enemy, which will eventually provides better O2 recovery. 1 o2 per damaging can be seem small but some special guns generate high amounts of o2 due to multipellet hits or DOT’s.

meh, if not in an atmosphere, a dome will do. I guess it will go unboosted. still, pretty nifty.

Well when you are playing as nisha and tombstone is on the explosion can crit and do tons of damage. Allmost like a rocket launcher.

The Systems Purge doesn’t need to benefit from anything! It’s perfect already!! :smiley: