Does the Trespasser come bladed?

And would its melee go through shields?

Alright, so it does come bladed.

I might have to farm one to find out if its melee does or does not ignore shields.

I’m not 100% sure about this, but I have never seen that kind of behavior mentioned one the Zer0 or Krieg boards so I’m going to say that, no the tresspasser does not cause melee damage to ignore shields.

Less speculative version: Melee damage and Weapon damage are handled by completely different systems (if I remember correctly, crit damage boosts don’t effect melee crits) so effects like this probably will not transfer.

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Hi may intrude here to ask if you’d explain what you mean here

Trespasser : sniper rifle that when you shoot it, the bullets disregard enemy shields. It does damage straight to the creatures health without having to take out the shield.

I was wondering if you had a bladed version of it, would its melee ignore shields too. Because you use the rifle tip to melee instead of your fist/sword.

Really, it wouldn’t need to be bladed to do that. If it just flat out make you ignore shields, that would apply even without a knife. Since it doesn’t do that, we know it can’t ignore shields on melee.

My only logic for it working while bladed is:

  1. Gun ignores shields
  2. Melee stabs with gun bayonet (if no blade, it uses your fist/knife/etc to melee)
  3. Gun bayonet ignores shields

What most likely happens is:

  1. Gun’s bullet damage ignores shields
  2. Special ability is not all-inclusive. Melee is different so that doesn’t apply

Aaaaaaand that’s a that’s a negative. Farmed and tested a bladed one.

Ability does not transfer to melee.