Does this look like a good hybrid tree build?

(CheshireKing) #1

I would like to point out that I’m not spming a buche of crap. I’m plaing to make this chereaters, I just want to know I head of time if this skills are woth puting in from other players then just raelly on a just the skill guide. So just tell me whet you think.,auto

(Resident DoT fanatic) #2

Well, the first and most important thing you should do is test this out in the open, especially if you don’t feel like relying on DDD guide.

From what I can see, I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. Lose Invictus.

  2. Put more points into Elemental barrage and Unrelenting, the two MOST powerful skills available for Athena.

  3. 1/5 on Overload isn’t going to do sh*t unless you got at least 9/5 on it and use a build like this: [Updated Lv70 Build] Hellfire Athena -- Melting with DoTs & Maelstrom stacking made easy!

So remove that as well and invest it into Unrelenting and Elemental Barrage.

Then the end result will look like this:,auto

Which, if you haven’t noticed yet, follows the exact guideline everyone else is giving and looks pretty much the exact same as a standard Athena build but with Shotgun COM.

Yep, so much for build variety at endgame, huh?

Now, all I did was to remove ineffective points and move it into skills that 100% work well, and you really can’t go wrong with this.

but you haven’t even told us how you’ll be playing, what guns you will be using, what shield/oz kit/grenade, etc. All that matters when you’re putting together a build.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #3

Just as @ItsmeJamesAJ said, I’ll make some of the same points. But until you tell us the gear you’ll be using, we can’t truly optimize a build for you.

  1. At end game Invictus is more or less never worth the points you put in it.

  2. Vanguard is a great skill for Athena since she lacks health regen. And while Mercurial is a good skill, you can do w/out it and instead spend those 5 points you have to get the Xiphos tree’s health regen skill, Bloodlust. And put those extra points in United Front since Conduit is less reliable on Hybrid Athena than CS Athena.

  3. And yeah the same w/ the skills you didn’t fully spec into in the Ceraunic Storm tree. They are only really worth it if you spec into them at least 5/5.

  4. I love the Cannoness com, but so long as you can chain your Blood Rushes, the Dominator com (I prefer a blue one) has better damage, fire rate for all guns instead of just SGs, and if you ignore #2 it also boost Mercurial which adds some survivability.

  5. And Gathering Tempest is really good, you don’t want to skip it.

This is my Hybrid build, but I’ll say if you aren’t that skilled you might have a little bit of trouble staying alive. As I tend to build my characters to favor DPS, with my knowledge of the game used to substitute any survival I might lack. (Out dated)

The build in action

I recently tried the Chronicler of Elpis com on Hybrid Athena and it preformed quiet well. The video is a bit skewed because you won’t get this kind of power in normal play, but it still shows what the build has to offer.

The build in action

And lastly you can ignore #2 for a much more user friendly Celestial Gladiator build that is better at survival and utility, rather than raw damage.

I don’t have a video.