Does this tree build look ok

This may seem stupid to ask, but did I put the right points into the right skills. I’m going with the best skills that this two tree can give me. Before you ask yes I look at the skill guides and no I have decided on what guns I will use on this build. I will just see what I get and if I like them I’ll use them.

Personaly, I think it’s a little silly to take both I never miss and wait for it, If you drop one, I would drop wait for it because it’ll have less uptime.

Other than that, I think you’re crazy skipping Short summer, even ignoring the shield recharge delay bit, the Action skill cooldown is really strong. Also, for only 2 points, Duchess is really nice.

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I would change it to something like this.

Having both “I Never Miss” and “Warning Shot” or “Wait For It” in the same build is extremely counterproductive. I would suggest picking one (keeping “I Never Miss” gets you more free points to spend, but the bonus isn’t worth it IMO).

Also, you don’t need 5/5 in Bitter Ripoate and Winter’s Veil. It makes them do more damage, but you could use those points to get more damage on your guns instead.

Large Caliber is there to becuase your crit damage needs a larger base damage to support it. 30% damage for 30% mag decrease isn’t a big deal in my eyes, especially factoring in “Only the Best” (I assumed you were using snipers. If not using snipers as a main, Warning Shot or Prudent Prudence would be good substitutes).

Short Summer for survivability.

Lastly, as Wingsday said, duchess is awesome, and so is QnQ. Getting both is a great idea for any build.

Hope this helped :grinning:

I don’t really want to recommend a spec, just because you haven’t mentioned a COM or playstyle you prefer. but Here are my notes for your skill tree.

  • IMO, Winter’s Veil and Bitter Riposte are best left as one point wonders, as increasing ranks only increases their damage. I would treat them as passive freezes rather than a source of DPS

  • I would slide some of these extra points into Short Summer, as the stacks are very easy to rack up (you have several instances of cryo damage throughout your kit) and provide very useful stats in CDR and Shield Recharge Delay (This also Synergizes with Veil and Riposte, which further synergize with the rest of your skills)

  • As several have pointed out before you have some conflicting skills when taking points in warning shot/wait for it and I Never Miss, I would slide the WS and Wait points to Caliber and Prudent Prudence, which are more general damage skills that synergizes better with the rest of your kit. (The latter also synergizes extremely well with Short Summer).

  • I would definitely take the 2 points in Duchess, but I would only go down to Quality Not Quantity if you have a COM that boosts it (for example all the legendary coms boost it), When you go 1/5 in Quality not Quantity with a Legendary COM, even in solo, you can treat it as a 6 Point Skill that gives you the Duchess Accuracy, 25% Damage, and 15% FR. I would not, however suggest going 5/5 in it, even with a Com boost, just because the bonuses quickly become less valuable when you’re investing 10 points into it, as you would rather have 5/5 in both it and a skill like Prudent Prudence than 10/5 in QnQ.

That being said, with a Legendary COM I would go something like this (if you don’t plan on using a legendary com I would slide the 4 points out of the CA tree and fill out your other trees)

Figured I’d toss it out there, my solo build is something like this with a purple Ice Queen mod. I switch it up and add a few points in the CA tree when co-oping. I carry the Celestial, but I don’t really ever use it.

Pretty much what Hoyle4 said.

I add that if you are planning to use Chronicler of Elpis mod or any mod that boosts Cold Advence i recommend to put only 1 point into it. Diminishing returns mechanic makes it add almost no duration time at some point and having it 5/5 or 11/5 doesnt make a difference.

Markswoman is nice, but crit damage isnt that important on Aurelia since she freezing everything and you almost always have that 200% crit bonus on frozen targets, so adding extra 30% on top wont make much difference, better put these points in gun damage.

Polar vortex just makes things harder to kill imo.

Thats what i speced into on my Aurelia build with Chronicler of Elpis

I mean it’s hard to say crit damage isnt important when you take more than one point in INM for a coe which is not only situational cuz stacking but only for snipers…jussayin CA and MW are just general Crit damage for all weapons that works all the time that also does something else and the other is only Crit damage for snipers that might give you +0% Crit damage at some point just because the thing ur shooting decided to move.

(Granted the sheer amount of Crit you get from INM is ridiculous, I’m just offering perspective)

Ye i can see what you mean. These 3 points in INM are just fillers. You can put 2 of them in whatever - MW or WS or WFI but that wont make much difference. I guess 40% aim speed never hurt.

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