Does TPS have a 'BL2 PT 2.5' equivalent in TVHM?

Does TPS have TVHM mode scaling side missions to level 50 after your character reaches 50 like in BL2?

Right now in my TVHM campaigns my side missions are level locked, but wondering once I hit 50 if the side missions will auto scale to whatever is the top TVHM level? Or don’t bother saving side missions if they don’t scale?

I know in UVHM the side missions scale to 70 once you hit 70, but wondering if it does that in TVHM too.

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Pass main storyline in TVHM and everything will scale to 50.

Any quests accepted before this will not scale, not their rewards, anyway.

Any quests accepted after passing the main story will.

thank you!

Good thing I asked, I forgot in BL2 it was conditional on beating the TVHM main story too, not just hitting level 50.

One of my chars just hit 50 and I was wondering why the side missions hadn’t scaled yet. Better go finish my main story now before accepting the side quests I’ve saved to do.

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There is one oddity in this: the series of laser missions for Janey. I’d done the Zapped 1.0 and 2.0 missions before completion at level 35, but I hadn’t accepted the final one. When I did, it was also at level 35… Pretty much any other mission series where the next part is not auto-accepted on turning in the current one behaves as expected i.e. is at the appropriate level; this one behaves as though it’s all at the initial level, regardless of how far you’ve progressed before accepting the next part.

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That’s good to know. As a completionist I want to collect all 70 reward weapons so I’ll save the Zapped mission series until after hitting 70.