Does TVHM or Mayhem affect loot quality?

So I understand that these both affect drop chance…

Does TVHM or Mayhem affect the quality of drops? Better stats (damage, fire rate, Shield’s capacity), prefixes etc?

I find it’s harder to get anointed gear in Normal mode compare to Mayhem mode.

I can’t tell if there’s difference in Normal or TVHM. But when you add Mayhem, that’s when I see more anointed gear and more drops as well.

I farm M4 Normal and get plenty of anointed drops without the extra hassle of endless Anointed enemies that TVHM adds.


Thanks for the reply!

I do agree it’s easier to get annointed with increased difficulty modes.

But still haven’t seen anything or anyone state that loot “quality” has a chance of being any better…

Quantity of drops obviously better, but does the chance for increased stats on the drops go up?

I think if you search on YT for that “BL3 Loot quality TVHM v Normal” or something similar. You will find comparison videos and iirc there was no real quality increase outside of RNG for running TVHM.

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Thanks! That’s the answer I’ve been looking for!

I’ve tried finding it everywhere, maybe I’ve just been unlucky.