Does TVHM scale like old games regardless of area?

in TVHM will i be able to go back to any area regardless of what lvl I started it at or start at my current VH level instead of the lvl right after the campaign ends?
Or will i have to reach 50 and then reset TVHM (if i even can) to get all my quest unique weapons?

I’m not sure I understand all your question but here’s what I know.

1 - When you start TVHM, you are brought back the beginning of the game.
2 - TVHM and Normal are considered separate for almost everything (except a few things like Crew missions)
3 - You can reset progress of your TVHM mode from the main menu.

Yeah, if you are in TVHM at level 50, the earlier areas will be level 50 enemies, etc

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if you are in TVH and level 30 no matter where you are they will be 30