Does UVHM reset also reset DLCs? (Claptastic & Holodome?)

Searched forums but didn’t find a thread that answered this.

When you reset UVHM, does it also reset Claptastic DLC and Holodome?

If so, that would be great. Forgot how it was in BL2, and was holding off doing either DLC so I can get 70 items but if it resets then I’d like to just jump in now and then reset later.

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Yes, everything.

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Good question!

Awesome. At 60 and would really prerfer to replay the Claptastic DLC couple times to get to 70 than do the same main campaign again.

As Ha-Na said, it usually does reset everything but there is a bug where it sometimes doesn’t reset things 100%. I’ve run into an issue with two characters already that had missions in both the main campaign and the claptrap DLC that asked me to skip them because I had previously completed them even though those characters had resets. I’ve seen people on the forums say that it’s happened to them too, just say no when prompted and it should allow you to get the reward once you finish that mission.