Does vermi still spawn solo?

I read that they increased vermi spawn chance playing solo. But no luck, best I got was super badasses. No other 4 player glitch besides the one they nerfed(hyperius /gee)?

Should still spawn. The usual suggestion is final round of the Creature Slaughter Dome (just don’t complete it). If you have a second controller, you can do local split-screen to increase your chances.

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It’s an increased chance, but still very low, so increasing ridiculously low to very very low still makes it quite hard for solo players to spawn him


I know that @anon13808724 has done it, I don’t have the patience to do it systematically myself…

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Don’t know why the patched the 4 plyr glitch. Would be handy, as I can’t even find 1 person that’s playing this. Lol

They patched it because it’s an exploit and they didn’t want people to set it off accidentally, which spoilt a game if you weren’t prepared for 4x the difficulty. It is possible to farm him solo, I think they raised the rates with that last patch? It just takes patience (or friends, there’s still plenty of active players who enjoy spawning him).

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I did it twice post patch. First time it took a total of 10 hours (more or less) spread out over a couple of days. Second time didn’t take as long. I used the aggroed Crystalisks method in the Caustic Caverns both times. Didn’t have any luck in the farmhouse and didn’t even try the Creature Slaughter Dome. My impression is that the first stages of Varkid evolution have been sped up considerably, but it slows down a bit after they reach the Super Badass phase. Still, chances of spawning Vermi in solo play have definitely been increased. It’s still pretty rare, though. Never got a Vermi in solo play before the patch. If you’re going to give it a shot, remember that if you didn’t get at least one Ultimate Badass in about 5 minutes, you can save and quit and start over. If you got a couple of Ultimates, give it a few more minutes. When it happens, it’s going to happen FAST. Both times I got Vermi to show up, the varkid went from Larval to Supreme in just a couple of minutes.

Because the bottom line is that it was a glitch. It wasn’t meant to be and it meant something wasn’t working as intended. It could be activated accidentally (it actually happened often, particularly by walking past the Hyperius gate) and it made the game more difficult for people who were either unaware of it or not actively trying to activate it. Gearbox listened to the complaints and increased the chances of Vermi spawning in solo play. IMO, that’s better than leaving an unattended glitch in the game, no matter how useful it could be. If you can’t find anybody to play with you (have you tried looking right here in the forums? There’s a whole platform specific section dedicated to that), just use a second controller to start a split-screen local co-op game, as VaultHunter101 suggested. It is the same as having 2 players in the game and it will increase your chances.

I know you ask about spawning solo but another alternative is to open your game to the public. Spawned her just last night with a group! Not too many games available when I search public, be great to see more.

I’ve spawned her twice solo post-patch, but honestly I never tried before the patch… the chances were so low and I didn’t want to do the 4-player glitch/trick thing. So uhh, yeah, short answer: yes. :wink:

First time was in the infested warehouse section of the caverns. Of course, I screwed up and died and respawned at the new-u station at the start of the map because I didn’t hit any of the other ones in between. Vermi, of course, disappeared into thin air. Sad trombone. :frowning:

Second time was doing the creature slaughter. During the second round even: a super badass spawned and leveled up to ultimate and then Vermi. Got her that time. :slight_smile: She dropped a Nasty Surprise. Sad trombone. :frowning:

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long since but aren’ you wrong ? the ultimate badass varkid(s) ->rarely 2 at once, only appear at the 4th wave on round 2 creature slaughter. the last round has no scribted ultimates and the abyssical low chance to evolve from a superbadass to ultimate is the main problem on vermivorous during solo mode.