Does XP Shield only work up to lvl 10?

The shield that gives you bonus XP does it only work up to level 10 if redeemed later on? I don’t wanna redeem it if it can help me at later stages of the game but I don’t want that time to be wasted. all my other coop characters are still under 10 so i cant test it. Does anyone know if it will work at level 40-50?

You can get a level 50 version of the shield but the xp/loot perk will only work up to level 10 afaik

Every character you make can redeem its own copy of the shield at the level they are at upon redemption. So it can’t be wasted per se. The exp bonus only works up to level 10.

dang thats what I was afraid of . Thank you!

Thats wasted imo. Seems like a waste past lvl 10