Does your progress come over to your campaign from your friends?

My friend and I were 3 or so story missions apart on the main questline, we finished the main story on his campaign, but the progress did not move over into my own campaign line like previous borderlands did. Is this how it’s supposed to work now or am I doing something wrong?

I haven’t tried it myself, but from what I’ve read previously, you should get the option to skip missions that you have already completed. So I suppose once you do these 3 missions you didn’t do, you should be able to skip the rest.

I read an article from a gaming website stating that mission progress would be the same as in Borderlands 2. Can’t seem to find that article now.

So if you completed missions with others, you will get an option to skip those missions once you reach that stage in your own play through. So you’ll have to complete those “3 or so” missions before you get the option to skip.

Funny I’m in the exact opposite position as you. I played with some friends who were a bit farther than me and now playing solo I can only continue from where they are. I essentially didn’t play and entire planet and I don’t know how to go back to trigger those missing missions.

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If you join a friends campaign your on their story line… so say if your further in your own game and save and exit and than join there’s you will be on his and if he joins your game he will progress with your missions…