Does "You've got red on you" have any practical use?

What damage does the skill make?
What range does it have?
Has any enemy ever died to this skill?

Funny idea, but I have a feeling that most enemies will never be close enough to a bleeder to make a the skill worth sinking 5 points into.

This skill is probably not worth it, I have one point in it just for the explosion effect and the only things it has ever killed are kraggon babies. Their AI is so horrible, they get stuck together and just stand there half the time, and then when one explodes the others die with it. That’s the only time it’s ever done anything for me, but it’s worth it to me because I hate those stupid space dogs.

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What JD said, minimal range and damage. Treat it like maya’s BP put in one points if you like the explosion look

Too bad.
I wonder why they keep including practically useless skills …

It is truly a bad skill, but it is kind of fun to watch.

People used to call Flash Freeze a bad skill and now there are at least 2 builds from respected community members using it. It merely required a different way of thinking.

Just a thought I had.

It’s possible the damage is a bit low because Explosive is tripled against Frozen enemies. :smile:

I’d love it if someone found a way to make it work.

Well it is explosive isn’t it? So wear a duality oz kit to boost that, stack a lot of maelstrom and use cryo. Thats about as good as you can make it.

It’s mostly good for setting off barrels you’re standing next to.

Is the range still small at 5/5? On melee and hybrids people are used to shoot and freeze before rushing, so it could work because of the bonus that explosive get. Seems like an in built Love Thumper effect on your melee, I dunno

Heh, what zamb92 said.

I die more from exploding barrels than any other reason :stuck_out_tongue:

just started a Borderlands 1 playthrough.
A buddy of mine said exactly that after I told him I play Lilith. :smile:

The problem is simply that the damage is bad. I haven’t noticed a synergy with the Avalanche nova making it significantly more deadly either.

Y’all need more Quasar and Too Scoops.

That being said, it would be pretty nice if a Class Mod boosted it.

yeah, right. like I’m walking around with 100+ grenades and a gun that doesn’t do noticable damage.

Please enjoy the diagram below, which illustrates where your thinking should be relative to the box:

| Box |    Thinking