Doesn't anyone play PVE on the PC anymore?

been trying to play some PVE for some legendary hunting but can’t seem to find anyone, always que for like 5 minutes, then it starts up a solo match… Kind of sucks as I’d like to play with others…

All I play is PvE, almost 500 hours now.

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Decided to check in today after taking a sabbatical away from the forums. I haven’t been checking the patch notes because I can’t stand the way the balancing team was just destroying the game. Literally tearing it down, ripping it up, spitting on it, then setting it on fire.

Why isn’t PvE populated? It’s no longer fun. They’re balancing for PvE, much like what happened in Champions Online. They’re balancing to suit only PvP players and they haven’t separated PvP and PvE balancing as they really need to.

So PvE just isn’t that entertaining. I play it occasionally because I love the characters and the story, I just love hearing the dialogue. But I’m just having less fun all the time. Considering how difficulty ramps up horribly with rank, and how they keep tweaking everything to be tougher and characters to be weaker? How they’re not buffing any of the weak characters and how it just feels like they’re completely just laughing off PvE whilst trying to make the game into some PvP eSports thing that’ll never happen?

That’s the problem. They’re trying to make money off PvE, but they’ve killed PvE with bad balancing. They’ve made it unfun. If things are too annoying and you don’t feel powerful enough, then you’re going to opt for another game. That’s the problem. They’re doing exactly what Champions Online did, and they’re just destroying that feeling of being powerful. So why play Battleborn’s PvE when you can play something else that makes you feel like you’re more powerful, where you’re actually having real fun?

I love so many things about Battleborn. The aesthetics are beautiful (the Experiment especially, and if they released an OST I’d buy it just for the Experiment’s music, which reminds me so much of Ecco the Dolphin); The characters are diverse; They’ve really pushed equality and representation; It’s funny in a way few games actually are; And it’s just not fun to play.

It was! It was very fun to play at some point. But the way rank just throws increasing levels of difficulty at you faster than you can adapt to? That just brings out all the flaws in the characters. You just have to look at missions like the Saboteur on Normal to realise the truth of this. But all missions become less fun. The only one that really maintains the sense of fun for me is The Experiment.

People aren’t playing PvE because they wanted to kill PvE dead. Why they want to do that if they want to make money off it, I don’t know. Like I’ve said in the past, sometimes it feels like corporate sabotage. Why not just offer PvE stuff for free and charge for PvP maps? But no, they’re trying to make money off the part of hte game whose playerbase they’re treating the worst.

It reminds me of Might No. 9’s trailer and how it just insulted the target demographic it’d be making money off of. I think people are just tired of it.

We just want to have fun in Battleborn. Battleborn’s balance team doesn’t want us to have fun in Battleborn. I get it. It makes me sad. In fact, sometimes it just leaves me feeling cold, and other times it makes me feel livid because there’s a truly fantastic PvE experience here just waiting to be unlocked.

And they could unlock that potential by unlinking PvP and PvE balancing, and then hiring on new people for PvE balancing, letting the old team handle PvP. That would be incredible. But they’re not doing that as far as I can tell.

I don’t understand them. I really don’t. A fantastic, brilliant game like this? Why would you shoot yourself in the foot like this and make less money???

Well a lot of people in the U.S., Brasil, Japan and Germany that I am friends with did buy it just for PvE and everyone of them feels like Gbox is ignoring us. Gear disabled, Alani, etc.


Yes. I play PC and PVE exclusively add me on steam if you wish.

I play PVE, but have been doing a lot of PVP because my wife isn’t interested and she’s not always available to play when I want. That and I like doing something different occasionally. :slight_smile: But, yes, there are people who play PVE; I’m waiting until the first DLC comes out before I go back into it again regularly.

I split my time 50 50 for PVE and PVP respectively. I usually run alot of Advance solo myself. Tried a few advance hardcore solo run, was able to finish The Archive, Renegade, Void’s Edge and Experiment. Others was super difficult to run solo.

Last night I was super lucky, did Algorithm solo advance run, got 3 legendary gears!

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Also a PvE/PC only player here. Around 150 hours. I queue up often in the evenings (EST) and find myself having to cancel the queue and re-queue often for 5-10 minutes to find a match of 4+ people.

I bought the game for PvE and to maybe play PvP. Still playing it for the PvE. I enjoy some of the character interactions way too much to not play it and love finding new ones I haven’t seen yet. Typically play solo or with a group of friends. Nothing feels more satisfying then a well oiled machine of a team doing things right… except watching everything go terribly wrong for the first 5 minutes, getting down to 0 lives on the opening of the Sentinel on Advanced, and then walking through the rest of it with minor issues.



Gearbox should really get their panties right about Story mode because this game is suffering.

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when I que up, I’m still finding 1 maybe 2 people max on PVE advanced…

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PC. PvE. Late weeknights (after 10:30pm Eastern US). MASTER RACE.


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Now and then - some of the light PVE may be a matter of people trying to get into PVP games - only so much time to do stuff. But on the bright side, I’ve never had a lengthy wait on co-op PVE.