Doesn't get much closer

Just played an Incursion Echelon match with the final score of

1-0. Holy-freaking-Moses that was tense. A lot of back and forth, lead changes at both sentries. Just an amazing match all around. The score was 1-26 for a good 5 minutes towards the end, and even then it took two strong pushes (and a couple lucky shots) to win the day.

I figured the Competitive Multiplayer board needed to see this … doesn’t get much more competitive than that.

Thanks to everyone in that match, on both teams. I look forward to a rematch.


These types of matches are my favourite. While I’ve never been in that situation, I’ve been in matches where the other team is miles ahead of our own, only for us to win at the last second.

It looks like you were playing with this person

I had a similar match to yours too! Maybe even the best game of my life.

For my game, our first sentry was destroyed at 8 minutes into the game. My team was super demoralised and they tried to surrender. But I was on a losing streak and I was playing Thorn (I don’t like to lose when I’m on Thorn) so I kept on refusing to give up despite they tried to surrender several times. Tides changed when I hit lvl 5, I kept on killing the enemies, collect shards, build whatever buildables I can.


But with less than 4 minutes, we were down on kills, down on average score by about 20 points. I took my mic and told my team, “Guys, support me. I’m gonna carry this sh*t” and I went on for another 6 kill streaks.

We entered the final 10 seconds count down timer, and we were still down on average score. I saw enemy Thorn out of position, my cursed arrow hit her and blasted her with my ult. With 5 secs left, I saw Montana was just behind the wall, I jumped on him, blight slowed him, 3 out of 5 volley hit him, and I managed to kill him with my final auto attack, at the same time the timer ran out. So, I thought we lost…but nah :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: #NEVERGIVEUP

The opponents’ Thorn in my game nearly carried them to victory, too. She played very well.

One of the lucky shots I mentioned was hitting her with an Arc Mine stun. I was playing Toby, and just launched the mine towards some minions. I saw Thorn in with them, and just wanted to but some damage on her. But the mine hit, she got stunned and got killed. Having her out definitely helped the final big push.

Yeah, Jotunn was with us for a few games including that game!