Doesn't recognise I have VR controllers at all

I have the issue that the game doesn’t recognise that I have controllers at all. Tried both normal and revive (with occlus). The game boots with me looking at the virtual controllers in my hands, then they disappear when the game starts. It does see the pressing of buttons, but no wands.

vive headset, controllers and wireless adaptor for headset

Try wired maybe? That would at least be an indicator where the issue is rooted.

Hey gang!
Just pushed a new build to help address the Vive distortion issue. Please let us know if you are still experiencing scale distortions, fish eye, near/far inverse scaling, etc… Please do note that this build only addresses the vive rendering issue. We are still looking into the other tickets we’ve seen.

We have not been able to reproduce the issue you are having with the controllers being hidden when you start. I don’t believe this new build will address your issue, but give it a shot. Turns out, rendering distortion bugs can affect a lot of things.

If you haven’t put in a ticket yet, please do.


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As there are so many that can play wired, it does seem likely the reason for the issue