DOF Autofocus plus Helmet Cam 3.0

I hope you guys enjoy your holidays!

Sooo…this a little gfx tweak for ACM on PC.

  • DOF comes with…

o using the Motiontracker
o Or on a meele
o Using ironside on the pulse rifle

  • Helmet Cam 3.0

o This makes ACM looks like you watching the „happening“ from the „battle“ in a APC, like Gormann on Aliens did.
o You can choose with Mission Time Hud or without.

You can chose your style!

  • Clean (no grain, no bull$hit, only the autofocus and some other improvments)
  • Helmet Cam v3
  • Helmet Cam v3 with Mission Time HUD for Prvt. Winter


See ya in 2016!


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This is the “clean” version of the DOF Autofocus