Doing a TVHM (level cap at 50 permanently) Gage and need some build/come advice

OK… so I have been having a miserable time in UVHM for… (how long as UVHM been in the game?) a very long time. And have just been given the key to remove UVHM and keep all the DLCs in except digistruct peak and stay at level 50.

So i’ve been trying to dig up… Old ancient builds/ making up new ones.

So on the assumption that level cap is 50… here’s several of the builds i’m thinking of doing for Gage. Nothing that drops from anywhere but digistruct peak is off the table.

So… first an explosive/anarchy build. The plan is to use an explosive damage relic, the best turtle shield i can find, a slag SMG and an explosive pistol, explosive AR, and a rocket launcher. I have absolutely no idea which COM to use… No idea at all.

Top picks for Coms

? no idea please help

Build 2… Shanarchy/ shock anarchy

One of these builds with the same gear as below.

Relic-Maliwan damage/fire rate

Coms (order in choice)
1 Legendary catalyst
2 Zapper
3 catalyst

With the weapons being a maliwan slag of some sort, a maliwan shock pistol for building anarchy, a maliwan shock SMG for most situations, a Maliwan shock rocket launcher for second winds/ when i really need a rocket launcher.

How bad do these look?

With these, there are a couple of old builds that have level 50 specs included.

There are probably a few more in the Gaige Master Build List Collection.

I think the additional Leg COMS, besides the base game ones - Leg Mechromancer, and Slayer of Terra - are only available at L61 and up, so no Leg Catalyst.

Yeah i was just looking into that.

Legendary catalyst is 100% out thanks for mentioning it. (wiki says level 61+) off the tubbies.

Slayer of Teramorpheous is 50+ so that’s probobly looking like my best bet,

That was exactly the sort of build i was looking for.

I’ll probobly go with a technophile or zapper COM until i can get a slayer of Terramorphus.

I just got more bad news… the magic missile grenade mod i had that i thought was a 49 is actually a 51 :frowning:

Oh well… the journey is 51% of the fun.

There are good builds in this fórum like the ones linked, but there is one in the old fórum that I highly recommend:

That’s a level 72 build…

Not a level 50 build…

Thank you thou…

Sorry, I thought that it had a lv 50 Spec. Anyway, my build is based around this same way of playing and there is a lv 50 Spec. Let me search it

Edit: [Build] Anarchy Reigns: Sparks!
Some slight changes to your first build allows DT to be a bit more useful while Discord looping will allow for SR use with some degree of accuracy. With your ecap at 50 I can’t say that I’m real excited about either of your shock builds since Electrical Burn is barely being used- I’d take So5G over Shock Storm but only because I like for DT to actually hold his own for more than a few seconds…

Also, a Sharing is Caring build with the Firehawk shield is pretty good. The Kitten is awesome with this setup.

One year later…

I have beaten every single DLC on this toon, have rolled an Axton, got him to 50.

I can actually play the game!

I have had soooo much fun since excorisizing UVHM from BL2…

Like i almost forgot just how badly everything was when i was failing on UVHM

The difference is Day and night.

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