Doing challenges in private matches

Hey again everyone, I’m playing this game so much that I am almost never on the forums anymore and I’m really just here to drop my two cents on a subject. So some lore challenges are super easy (glide for three hours, get kills while enraged) and those are pretty cool and straight forward…then there are those challenges that require player kills :confused: . Those in their own respect could be easy to, given you get EVERYTHING in the right condition, which doesn’t happen that often…or ever - _ - my point here is it would be super cool to be able to do the player/character kill challenges in private matches? Just so the 25 kills for some characters can be accomplished by everyone


That has the obvious upside that completionists wouldn’t be running round PvP matches ignoring objectives because they’re trying to catch that elusive Ambra/Galilea…



Definitely like the idea of being able to do more with private PvP.


Beyond the obvious helping with lore challenges i wouldn’t mind this, so at times i can go into a private pvp with my gf instead of waiting for a hour+ long pvp que and still get some lore challenges done.


I honestly both like and dislike this idea. The lore is supposed to be hard and cheesing in private would break that. It would be nice though to get it sooner I just don’t think it will stop people from doing. Stupid things in Pvp at all really.

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Yeah, but I don’t really think it’s cheesing it super hard, I’m mostly suggesting it cause like the first post said, some people ignore objectives, or worse quit the game if the character they need isn’t there. I’ve had this happen ALOT and have lost games on several occasions because of this. The reason I say it is yeah, it’ll help ‘cheese’ lores, but it’ll help people in PvP alot more… cause it gets REALLY stupid sometimes : /


Not to mention some people can’t even PVP on consoles due to not having live or ps+, which makes it impossible for them to complete it


This shouldn’t be involved in the design process or balancing of the actual ingame content (Lore Challenges included). :rolling_eyes:
I know how frustrating it is, to pay additional money to MS/Sony just to play online, believe me. But DRM aside, having all account data and all games running on a server is the de facto basis for any anti-cheat solution in place.

As for the Lore Challenges, I have to agree with @Vizard: While I would like to able to do my Ambra Kill challenge for Galilea in private matches, it also provides an incentive to play public PvP. And if someone is only focusing on their challenges and not the objectives, then he’s an egotistic (insert insult here) and will probably have trouble in PvP anyway.

…Wow that’s sad.

They should allow it. I’m trying to complete Galileas Lore and after 15 matches and not one Ambra in sight, things are beginning to get Frustrating.


In all honesty, being able to do ONLY the kill enemy lore in private matches would be fine with me. It’s so annoying anyhow and it might actually make Toby’s double kill lore more plausible.

Except the difficulty of those matches is enterely dependant on low probabilities (your enemy picking the right characters AND you being able to kill them), plus they are not evenly distributed. For example:

Boldur. No need to step into a PvP match even once. His hardest challenge is arguably the one where he needs an all-Eldrid team because people might not be cooperative or pick the characters before you are done asking. That’s not very challenging at all, is it? Heck, I think he doesn’t even NEED to do PvE, either. He’s fairly well designed as far as the lore challenges goes: the player can play in either or both and still get a chance at progress.

Contrast that with Galilea, now, who nees to KILL Ambra 25 times. That’s a PvP mandatory challenge and there’s no way around it.

@Sm0kerCrew , the problem is that those ‘egoistic insults here’ wouldn’t be a bunch of egoistic insults there if they didn’t feel FORCED to participate in a mode they have no interest in participating otherwise. Those people just want to be done as fast as possible so they can go have fun in the mode they actually like. Their logic being: "If I don’t kill Ambra as MUCH AS POSSIBLE now, I will have to repeat this crap MORE TIMES LATER than I would otherwise."
Their only way out is to forgo getting that character’s legendary gear. That’s not very well designed, is it?

Also, under that logic, wouldn’t Ambra players ALSO being an egoistic insult if they don’t let the other team’s Galilea kill them 25 times? Because they’d be putting their PvP fun (winning, basically) over the stress felt by the other player who is playing a mode they don’t like because they have no other choice.

Both suck, is what I’m saying. This shouldn’t be a thing at all. If the private matches counted, then the Galileas (and others) could go punch the bots to the detriment of their victory, but they wouldn’t be ruining any PvPrs day.


It’s not supposed to be easy. It’s called a challenge for a reason. I do understand the frustration but being able to just beat all challenges in one match wouldn’t even be considered earning it. No developer can make every player happy. The games was designed to play both story and PvP. One of my friends said he’d never play Stort but he ended up loving it. My
gf was the opposite. She hated pvp (supposedly) then she tried it and now she loves it even when we don’t have a full squad.
If any challenge is a pain it’s rendain. It takes for ever to just get yo him and then I gotta deal 10k damage to get it which is les than I can deal in a match. You can’t just expect everything to be handed to you. It makes fighting for it worth it and you’ll appreciate it. What wouldn’t be fair is all those people who fought for it legit would’ve done so for nothing. Such as myself.

You may want to jump into some bot matches if you cant do 10k damage in a match. The rendain challenge should take you 1 run, 2 max if you die a bunch.

Anyone who got the kill 25 Ambra kills with Galilea before the nerfs had a big advantage seeing how she was unstoppable back then. No one is asking to be handed the challenges in one match, people just want a less Frustrating way of completing them, it’s a team oriented PVP scenario and having one player focus on one objective the whole match cripples that team. All people want is for a chance to complete a Lore challenge on their own time without annoying or hindering teams online. and all those people who did it legit with Galilea well she was OP and that helped people quite a lot.


I agree with a lot of what I’m seeing here. Especially these big ones

  • Challenges should be challenging
  • Completionists dropping into PVP just to complete a challenge when they don’t care about playing the objective is conflicting (especially if they drop out)

I wonder if instead of providing a way to cheese these kinds of challenges - an alternate challenge could be given instead? I liked how unlocking characters was done through a number of methods and challenges. Could lore be done that way?


My whole point was that bad teamplay on the part of people who are fixated on completing a lore challenge shouldn’t be blamed on the design of said challenges.
It’s up to the players to take the objectives seriously. The same is true for people who are just looking at their K/D ratio.

I personally like the Idea of some challenges requiring PvP. Although I would consider dropping some of those numbers (e.g. 5 or 10 Ambra kills instead of 25).

Also, you’re operating under the assumption that the majority of said players have no basic interest in the PvP Modes and only play to get their character-specific legendary Gear. While this may be true for some PvE-only players (which could be helped by allowing said challenges to be completed in private matches), there are also players who enjoy both the PvE and PvP content. I think that those players just need to focus more on completing their challenges over time. I mean, you don’t have to finish a challenge in 1 or 2 PvP matches. And trying to do so will undoubtedly lead to bad teamplay.

And no, I don’t think Ambra players should let themselves be killed to help with their enemy’s lore challenge. I honestly don’t see how you could get to that from what I said.

All that being said, I think @roboshawn has made a good point with the idea of secondary unlock conditions.

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Ther are no “bot” matches for campaign. It’s just player vs environment aka computers. My point was just the tedious nature of it to compare it to people not wanting a tedious task in PvP

There are plenty of challenges that require PvP without being ridiculous like killing Ambra or Oscar Mike 25 times. There’s encouraging players to play PvP (like Kleese for example) and then there’s ridiculous, unrealistic ones.

If the kill count was lower, like 5 times, then that might be okay. But really being able to do lore in private matches doesn’t make them easy, it makes them realistically possible.

I only really care about the Lore in the game, and I will eventually have to get lucky to find and kill at least 50 Ambras when no one plays them anymore, and that’s assuming I’m playing the right character.

There are plenty of ways to keep these kinds of impossible challenges available. That’s what titles and achievements are for.


Here here. +1.

But to still keep it difficult and not easy:

The lore’s would be in relation to killing a character:

In Private matches the people you need to kill will only count if the A.I.s difficulty is set to hard
Kill players in public matches as normally

So two ways of getting it done

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